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Phil W

Perhaps Japanese film is less receptive to spiritual presences...after all, it is cheaper.

2 votes - Steel Wolf, Charos

1 vote needed


Saul Sabia

ummmm. i officially, hereforth and with great pomposity, do verbalize the desire to enshrine above said quote in the great and historic annals of arc-t, yea, there to blaze gloriously on through the nights of the winters of our discontent, and through the days of the summers of our vaguely remembered but appropriately exaggerated not-necessarily-pervertedly-meaning "69"s, upon which display of said quote will cause great quibbling and much digression, and possibly pointed fingers over crumpets.


2 votes - The Steel Wolf, Christopher Nelson

1 vote needed


Sam R

It's too early in the morning to read duckling fawn without spoonerism...

2 votes - Christopher Nelson, Saul Sabia

1 vote needed


Passed Votes:


As I already said, I'm a fuckin unicorn therefor this conversation is over. Now.

3 votes - Steve, Charos, Suzi


Can I be as big as you when I get little?

3 votes - Antisocial, Jon Downie, Bethany


I never recall him saying anything of the sort. But wait, I don't have my special Bobby "insert random word" glasses on that allow me to find all the hidden anti-christian ideals in a post.

4 votes - Kevin R., Suzi, Charos, Steel Wolf


(The path of Jesus is narrow but forever.) Good thing I'm going to hell, I really hate walking.

3 Votes - Suzi, Steel Wolf, wersh


When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you.

3 votes - Antisocial, nick, Downie


Wise man once say man with hand in pocket not always counting change.

3 votes - Antisocial, Spiked, Jon Downie


The internet is one of the last free voices in the world...unfortunately it gives a voice to the terminally stupid as well as those who should be listened to.

5 votes - wersh, Suzi, Steel Wolf, Kelly, Jane


It was a joke you insensitive prick.

4 votes - Steve, Kevin R., Suzi, Charos


The laws of science are mere conventions agreed upon by society? Excellent. The next time I need to travel, I will disbelieve in the law of gravity and save on my airfare.

4 votes - wersh, Steve, Blade, Jon Downie

Christopher Nelson

It's a troll-eat-troll world out there.

3 votes - The Steel Wolf, Suzi, Saul Sabia


I particularly hate it when wops and spicks use the word nigger.

5 votes - wersh, Leslie, Suzi, Steve, Downie


No. I'm an old lady with a bun and a flower print dress who sits at the end of the second pew every Sunday morning.

5 votes - Suzi, Jane Hall, Sam Rusling, The Steel Wolf, wersh


Most deluded people think they are sincere.

5 votes - Steve, Steel Wolf, wersh, Sam, nick


Well, actually I don't know everything.

4 votes - wersh, The Steel Wolf, Charos, Suzi


Sam and Suzi tied to a tree
First comes smoke
Then comes fire
Then comes ashes at the funeral pyre

3 votes - Steel Wolf, wersh, Sam

Leslie Terrell

You're a troll!!! You have to be. There is no other explanation for your insantiy.

3 votes - Sam R, Suzi, Saul Sabia


Excellent reply! :)

4 votes - Steve, wersh, nick, Renita


I would imagine you are a pimply 13 -year old who went to summer bible retreat and thinks he can take over the world with his memory verses and botched theology.

4 votes - Sam Rusling, Amy (Llama), Steel Wolf, nick


Orgasms are like wine, they all can have very distinctive taste, smell, mood, body, and acidic qualities...

5 votes - The Steel Wolf, Suzi, Kelly, The Astute Andrew, nick

Pastor John

As for the casket, don't you think it would be strange for the pastor to take a picture of the deceased. What would I say? I always want to remember her like this??? :-P

3 votes - Suzi, Phil W, Amy

Phil W

*imagines himself writing "I will not eat other people's deities" 100 times on a blackboard*

3 votes - Steel Wolf, Pastor John, Suzi

Sam Rusling

I do believe in God, and the Bible. I just don't have the accompanying faith.

4 votes - Steel Wolf, Steve, Chris Nelson, Suzi

Sam Rusling

Trolling and cross posting are fine, but just don't top post.

3 votes - wersh, Inky, Jane Hall

Saul Sabia

atheism is the linux to christianity's Windows. its cheaper, and doesn't require a constant supply of patches to keep it working.

3 votes - Steel Wolf, Christopher Nelson, Suzi

The Steel Wolf

Well, wouldn't *you* be angry if Jesus gave you herpes?

3 votes - wersh, Michelle, Steve

The Steel Wolf

Would you like a dustpan to go with your sweeping generalisations?

3 votes - Amy, Pastor John, Suzi

Steven Schrader

GOD loves you-let everyone know it. Wear it on your shirt. Be proud of your FAITH. For info on how to get cool T-shirts, and spread the word in style, *snip*
It would have been shorter to type: "Express your faith in a superficial way! Send me money!"

3 votes - T, wersh, Downie

Steven Schrader

Jon Downie wrote: I am foreign student at Strathclyde. I do BA.
That's disgusting.

3 votes - Charos, Suzi, Sam

Steven Schrader

I like the part where Harry looks into the magic mirror and sees himself with his parents...

3 votes - Charos, The Steel Wolf, wersh

Steven Schrader

Urm... I have no idea how to respond. I wasn't expecting anyone to take me seriously.

6 votes - Sam, Renita, Steel Wolf, wersh, Suzi, Amy

Steven Schrader

You get out of a newsgroup what you put into it.

4 votes - wersh, Steve, nick, Renita


(Hint hint, Steve isn't a god boy.) then why are you always on your knees in front of him???

3 votes - wersh, Renita, Suzi


My God is anti-spam

4 votes - Steve, wersh, Sam, Steel Wolf


well, i have quotes, just not official ones.

4 votes - wersh, Steel Wolf, Sam, Suzi


If Jesus was as much of an asshole as you are, or even half as annoying as you are, no wonder they crucified him! :P

4 votes - Sam, Steve, nick, Suzi


Sounds like God should have consulted a PR agency when he was writing the Bible.

3 votes - Suzi, The Steel Wolf, Steve