Memorable Quotes

"You really have no clue about reality do you? Whats your address and I'll mail you some money so you can buy one." - Blade

(referring to the Bible): "It may be circular but at least it makes sense" - Sarah

"Saulmes 34:1,003 'And yea, the Lord looked out upon his people, and said unto them, "Yea, thou shalt not color thy hair in blue. For yea, even though it is the color of my oceans, waters, and rivers, and a color of life and vitality, Thou Shalt Not cuz Lord God sed so." And yea, the people did moan real pissy for awhile.'" - Saul Sabia

"Oh please, I'm an atheistic, homosexual fornicator. Cussing is the least I have to worry about. Find somewhere else to bitch." - Jon Seymour

"The chicken realised that if it were on the other side of the road, the side that it was already on would become 'the other side'. Hence it had already crossed without crossing and clucked leisurely down the street." - Okamura

"What kind of Jesus are you smoking?" - Renita (Mouseroni)

"Leslie, I pray that God will get rid of this judgmental attitude you have of me." - Paul Ambro (Juggernaut/Antonio)

"Can I be as big as you when I get little?" - Antisocial

"The laws of science are mere conventions agreed upon by society? Excellent. The next time I need to travel, I will disbelieve in the law of gravity and save on my airfare." - Buddika

"Wise man once say man with hand in pocket not always counting change." - Antisocial

"Excellent reply! :)" - nick

"You get out of a newsgroup what you put into it." - Steven Schrader

"I particularly hate it when wops and spicks use the word nigger." - Inky

"As I already said, I'm a fuckin unicorn therefor this conversation is over. Now." - Antisocial

"It was a joke you insensitive prick." - Bobby

"I never recall him saying anything of the sort. But wait, I don't have my special Bobby 'insert random word' glasses on that allow me to find all the hidden anti-christian ideals in a post." - Antisocial

"Most deluded people think they are sincere." - Paul Ambro (Juggernaut/Antonio)>

(The path of Jesus is narrow but forever.) "Good thing I'm going to hell, I really hate walking." - Antisocial

"well, i have quotes, just not official ones." - Suzi

"Urm... I have no idea how to respond. I wasn't expecting anyone to take me seriously." - Steve Schrader

"When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you." - Antisocial

(GOD loves you-let everyone know it. Wear it on your shirt. Be proud of your FAITH. For info on how to get cool T-shirts, and spread the word in style, *snip*) - "It would have been shorter to type: 'Express your faith in a superficial way! Send me money!'" - Steve Schrader

"I do believe in God, and the Bible. I just don't have the accompanying faith." - Sam Rusling

"If Jesus was as much of an asshole as you are, or even half as annoying as you are, no wonder they crucified him! :P" - wersh

"I would imagine you are a pimply 13 -year old who went to summer bible retreat and thinks he can take over the world with his memory verses and botched theology." - nick

(Hint hint, Steve isn't a god boy.) "then why are you always on your knees in front of him???" - Suzi

"My God is anti-spam" - Suzi

"Sam and Suzi tied to a tree
First comes smoke
Then comes fire
Then comes ashes at the funeral pyre" - Kelly

"Sounds like God should have consulted a PR agency when he was writing the Bible." - wersh

"The internet is one of the last free voices in the world...unfortunately it gives a voice to the terminally stupid as well as those who should be listened to." - Blade

"Would you like a dustpan to go with your sweeping generalisations?" - The Steel Wolf

(READ THE BIBLE) "I like the part where Harry looks into the magic mirror and sees himself with his parents..." - Steven Schrader

"Well, actually I don't know everything." - Paul Ambro (Juggernaut)

"No. I'm an old lady with a bun and a flower print dress who sits at the end of the second pew every Sunday morning." - Inky

"Trolling and cross posting are fine, but just don't top post." - Sam Rusling

"Orgasms are like wine, they all can have very distinctive taste, smell, mood, body, and acidic qualities..." - nick

(Jon Downie wrote: I am foreign student at Strathclyde. I do BA.) "That's disgusting." - Steve Schrader

"Well, wouldn't *you* be angry if Jesus gave you herpes?" - The Steel Wolf

"*imagines himself writing "I will not eat other people's deities" 100 times on a blackboard*" - Phil W

"As for the casket, don't you think it would be strange for the pastor to take a picture of the deceased. What would I say? I always want to remember her like this??? :-P" - Pastor John

"It's a troll-eat-troll world out there." - Christopher Nelson

"You're a troll!!! You have to be. There is no other explanation for your insantiy." - Leslie Terrell

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