Memorable Quotes - Any short bit that someone types in arc-t that's their own saying can be nominated as a memorable quote. All you need to do is respond to the post, and tell everyone what it is you're nominating for the page. All the saying needs then is two more votes and it will be added. Quote noms that are not passed within a year will be removed from the list to help keep it from getting too cluttered.

Taglines - You can nominate a tagline for someone (to go on the yearbook page under their photo) at any time. Just say so somewhere in a post in the newsgroup. If i miss it let me know so I can add it to the voting page. How many votes total are necessary for a tagline to be accepted depends on whether or not the person in question likes the tagline.
If they like it: 4 votes total
If they don't care one way or the other: 5 votes total
If they don't like it: 6 votes total

Now, if the person already has a tagline then it gets a bit more confusing. Basically, the tagline that has the most votes over the minimum requirements listed above will be included. If the excess votes are the same for each of the taglines then the current one will remain until that changes.

Here's a little scenario that'll hopefully make things clearer:

Sam is an arc-t poster and nominates the tagline "Supreme Monkey Bowler" for himself. Since he is in favor of this tagline, it needs only 3 more votes (his nomination counts as 1) in order for it to be passed. John, Paul, and Ringo all vote for this tagline and it passes. Sam is now the "Supreme Monkey Bowler".

But George things Sam is a big ass and so he nominates a different tagline for Sam, "Big Ass". Sam doesn't like this one at all, so 5 more votes (George's nomination counts as 1) will be needed. Well, John, Paul, and Ringo decide they don't like Sam anymore and decide to vote for the new tagline. Skippy and Boomer also decide to vote for this tagline. That's 6 votes, the minimum requirement. Normally this would mean that the tagline is passed, but since one already exists, and since both are at the minimum requirement (and therefore considered equal), "Supreme Monkey Bowler" is kept.

That is, until Lulu joins the group and, being a major follower, decides to vote for "Big Ass". Now "Big Ass" has one excess vote, one more then "Supreme Monkey Bowler" does, and it becomes the new tagline.

And so taglines can change over time. Also, people are allowed to take back votes for any reason, which can change things as well. For example, if John, Paul, and Ringo all decided that they liked Sam again then they could rescind their votes and "Big Ass" would no longer have more excess votes then "Supreme Monkey Bowler" (which would then become his tagline again).

A bit convoluted, I know, but I understand it, and since I'm the one that does all this stuff, I suppose that's the important part, eh? :)

Taglines that are not passed within a year of their being nominated will be removed from the list to help avoid it getting too cluttered