Fun arc-t activites for all to enjoy! Maybe.

New to arc-t? Wondering what the heck is going on? If somebody in the group pointed you to this page then that probably means that there is some sort of event currently going on in the newsgroup. In other words: No, they're not always like that (well, except for Blade...) Keep on reading to find out about the various events that take place in arc-t and about how you - *musical fanfare* - can join in too!

arc-t Original Stories
No set date

Current Story: the arc-t cafe

 The members of arc-t are a creative bunch, and every once in a while they decide to flex their creative muscles and have a go at writing a story together. The result is a chaotic mish-mash and a lot of fun. :) Anybody can start an arc-t story - just start a thread setting up the story (usually this can be as simple as naming the setting). Once the thread is no longer receiving responses, the posts will be compiled into a story and added to the website. You can view past arc-t stories by clicking on their link below.


International arc-t Flame Fest
Quarterly - January, April, July, October
Occurs during the last Friday-Monday that falls entirely within the month

Next Scheduled Flame Fest is January 23rd to 26th!

 If this happens to be the event you walked in on let me first say: We're very, very sorry. Okay, now that tthat's over with why not jump right back in and join in the fun? :)

 The International arc-t Flame Fest occurs four times a year, in January, April, July, and October, during the last Friday to Monday that falls entirely within that month. It begins on Friday morning, and ends Monday at midnight. During that time, it's a no holds barred, anything goes, nobody is spared flame war. :) Don't know what flaming is? Flaming is the Usenet art of creatively insulting those you are discussing/debating with. Sound mean? Usually it is! But during International arc-t Flame Fest, you can let all these things out under the guise of not really meaning what you're saying! It's almost like you have diplomatic immunity!

 So jump on in and have some fun. Keep in mind that the best flames of all will be archived on the website for all to study and learn from in preparation for the next time flame days roll around...


  • If you are going to be flaming people, please add a line to your sig something like "Participant in the International arc-t Flame Fest. See for more info!" If you don't have this in your sig, then folks may think you're being serious.
  • Don't take anything to heart or you'll end up miserable which'll make us miserable and ruin the whole event and wouldn't you just feel horrible if you did that? :)
  • That said, NO HITTING BELOW THE BELT. For some odd reason, people often feel comfortable opening up about themselves on arc-t, including serious issues that they are facing. Please do not turn around and use these things against them in the Flame Fest!
  • You can still be flamed even if you are not participating. Just don't respond if you're not playing.
  • This is an arc-t event that starts on Friday and stops on Monday. Please don't cross-post or invite other groups to participate that might cause the flame war to drag on once the event is over and fill our lovely little newsgroup with unwanted posts.
  • Use your own time zone when determining when the Flame Fest starts/stops. If you happen to be in a later time zone then the rest of the group, then you won't get to start right away, but you will have the advantage of the last word. :)

The arc-t Thread-a-Thon
Forever and ever

 As if we had nothing better to do. The arc-t Thread-a-Thon is an attempt to keep a thread going for as long as possible. There really aren't much in the way of rules, just keep it going and all will be well. :) Visit the arc-t Thread-a-Thon Page for more details.