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This page is a collection of Timothy Meyer's contributions to alt.religion.christian-teen. While far from all-inclusive, I hope it will give everyone an idea of who Tim was and how he helped shape arc-t into the group it is today. Whether or not Tim will return (or maybe he's already back as you read this) is anybody's guess, but I think he's deserving of this page regardless. - Steven Schrader

Tim's very first post to alt.religion.christian-teen:

 Worship me or burn in hell? Man, how egocentric can you get! God sure must be a fascist ass if he exists! (Not that I'm calling him a fascist ass, since he DOESN'T exist. If you think he does then, well, you're pretty damned gullible. Why don't you have "faith" in Santa or the Tooth Fairy?)

How the Christian members of arc-t viewed the lovable bastard:

 "Well, I can't believe he's gone. But let me take exception to Tim's last post; (seems fitting that I disagree with the last thing he said, somehow) he and I couldn't speak without flaming for a long, long time, but we came to a sort of understanding after we'd calmed down. See? People *can* change. I found Tim to be obnoxious, funny, exasperating, a great flamer, and at times, a good debater. I'll actually miss the unsaved little bugger. He definitly made *me* think, and I won't be forgetting him for a long time. (sniff)." - Curt Ickes

 "Tim blasphemed God and persecuted Christians. He publically advocated toruture and murder of Christians." - Lindsay Jackel

 ""Tim was/is an arrogant, stubborn, vulgar, hateful sonnuvabitch, and an articulate, intelligent, strong-opinioned atheist combined in one man. That was exactly what made him unique, I daresay special. The NG won't be the same for a long time without him." - MiSSY

 "Tim had strong feelings and wasn't afraid to share them. What he said was simple enough to understand. He was respectful to you if you were to him, though if you weren't he would be quick to jump all over you. He was a cool guy, if you showed yourself to not be an idiot." - Chris Nelson

 "I can't claim to know Tim very well since I've just joined the group. In fact, all I have to go by are his posts to other people. Being a Christian, some of his words have hurt me, words along the lines of "Christians are dumb" and "Christians, how do you wake up in the morning knowing what scum you are?" (not direct quotes, but close). He can be a real asswipe at times, and I disagree with some things he has said, but even then I still hold a lot of respect for him. When he argues with other people, he knows what he's talking about, and he isn't afraid to dodge questions. He attacks stupidity with a passion, another trait I like in a person, myself unable to stand stupidity. This group will miss his contributions and it's too bad he's leaving (just as I arrive too). I would have liked to exchange some dialogue or even engage in a bit of verbal sparring with Mr. Meyers myself, and I'm sorry to see him go." - Mich Pharm

 "It seemed to me like Tim had a vocabulary consisting of three words: "LIAR!!", "idiot" and "hypocrite", but when pushed he could come up with much more colourful insults. He hated every Christian with a passion, frequently calling for their murder in nasty, horrid ways (he suggested poinson to me - he said it suited my persona). You got mad and angry when Christians believed because of faith, which he saw as stupid. He stereotyped all Christians, and then proceeded to try and proove all Christians fit the same hideous mould. He claimed we all are motivated purely out of a fear of hell, and are incapable of love (maybe the last one was just me). Despite all this, I enjoyed the 'conversations' I had with Tim, they were fun and he was easy to provoke. I could see where he was coming from with his pathalogical hate of the church, I'd even agree to a certain degree, but his hatred and anger consumed him. All in all, he was a good laugh and will be missed by both Christians and non-Christians. This newsgroup has certainly lost a certain spark of fire since he left. I suppose I'll just have to make a new enemy! - Sam

 "Tim is stubborn, abrasive, insulting, and often hateful while at the same time intelligent and witty, a strong and persistent voice for his views and fearless of those opposed to him." I will personally miss his posts, as nobody can really do what tim did. While I often disagreed with him and sometimes he really agravated me, I still respect him very much. - wersh

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The Poetry of Timothy Meyers

I Hate The Cross
by tim meyers

Greetings brother christian!
What brings you to our town?
You're here to take what could be built
and quickly tear it down?

Away now brother christian!
Your promises sound sweet.
Too bad they're cold and empty
and truly obsolete.

Thinking is a sin, you say,
that's why we made a god.
He's a big and handsome savior
here to turn us all to pods.

The cross is big and wooden
used for beating in the heads
of those sinful little negroes,
gays, and mexicans, and reds.

God is love, you proclaim again.
I guess I must agree.
Cos if I don't I'll go to hell.
God hates thinkers like me.

A meteor that hates athiests
will hit the south pacific.
Drown all the atheists so God
can make us neolithic.

Your fairy tales are so faulty!
Your so-called science so absurd!
The only reason you love your God
is cos "God"'s just a three-letter word!

Religion spreads like a disease
to everybody's loss.
The only thing that's left to know
is God, I hate the cross!

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What the non-Christian members thought of the lovable bastard

 "Kick ass guy, Tim. Loud, arrogant, brash, didn't take flack. Came up with most of the cool nick-names here like Camp Fundie and Jerkel. All should miss him." - AntiSocial

 "He told it like it was." - Andrew McMurchie

 "Tim...he made us laugh, he made some Christians cry. He got angry, and it was always fun to watch. He always made the NG more exciting to read... But most of all, he said exactly what he felt." - David Shipley

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God is the eternal, omnipresent, all-powerful, supreme Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe. God is one, composed of spirit and comprising a Family revealed as presently consisting of God theFather and Jesus Christ the Son. God is a loving, kind, merciful, Being who wants to share His magnificent existence by reproducing himself through man.

And for a limited time, you can get him for $39.99 on The Home Shopping Network! Only 50,000 of these will be made, hand-painted by large machines in the likeness of Jerry Lewis! (Credibility of existance not included.)

Q: Why did God create diseases?

A: To worship him, build churches in his honor, and call themselves "Christians".


drhaunting wrote:
well....lets see if I can
crack your little rubics cube game....

You can't. It includes small pieces you'll probably end up swallowing.

Everyone knows that God(TM) didn't create gays, they are works of Satan(TM). They're part of an anti-christian conspiracy with the martians and leprechauns. Well duh.

Subject: Meet Your New God!

His name is Okoroko and he lives in my garage. People can't seem him because, well, he's invisible and can't hear him because he has no mouth and his movements are so swift and graceful they make no sound. If youthrow flower or any other powder in the air to try and see him, it doesn't work because he dodges every grain with utter perfection. He created the world on accident when he sneezed. You can't touch him or whatnot because he doesn't like that and can dodge your movements. He can also dodge bullets, nuclear explosions, et. and it doesn't matter because he's immortal anyway. My pet iguana is his son, put on earth to die for out

This has less credibility than

Matthew ( wrote:
The Next time you blaspheme the name or the character of my savior and Lord, will be your last, consider yourself warned. I may not be able to do anything but there are powers above who can

Out, out, demons of stupidity!
Even the other xtians admit you're an idiot.
You think god will punish me for bashing him? If he would kill us for hurting his ittle feewings than he would be an ASSHOLE. But since he doesn't exist, and to prove you wrong, I will now devote ten lines a week to juvenile bashing of your fictional friend, and I will continue to do so to prove I am not being punished.

For those of you xtians who agree that Matt here is a moron you can go ahead and skip...I just want to hurt the idiot's feelings ;).

Jesus wasn't a homosexual, but he was into bestiality. He specialized in kangaroos, but was partial to dolphins as well. God? Oh, God's a real dildo. He molests you in your sleep. He molests Jesus in his sleep. He is absurdly stupid and tends to have no bladder control what-so-evr, part of the reason it is hard for weathercasters to predict when it will rain. I hit-and-ran God once, and I got a good look at him (since I was aiming). He was wearing a pointy black bra and a stained adult diaper, as well as a pair of plastic sandles. He had buck-teeth and snot and drool and piss dripping to his feet. He just sort of sat there staring into the headlights, so I crushed his ribs! Whoops, that's ten lines...

Again, I tend to use reason rathar than insults...but I'm not being zapped by lightning and nothing will happen to me between now and a week from now that it is unexpectedly bad that resembles divine intervention in any way. Besides, it was quite fun! I hope, Matt, that I may someday hit-and-run you. I hope it hurts your little feelings when your imaginary God does nothing to me.

drhaunting wrote:
AS MY THRONE!!!!!!!!!!

Don't leave the seat up.

Being a lawyer, I have to question your expertise in declaring me to be legally insane and criminally stupid.

You, being a lawyer, now fit everyone's definition of legally insane and criminally stupid.

God executes babies because they're vicious little bastards! You know, given the chance, the little buggers would abort EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

It'd be easier to hate god if 'e existed, but so far he has been shown as nothing but a figment of moron's limited imaginations. I don't "hate" all christians, just kooky morons. The fact that most christians ARE kooky morons, well, that's something else.

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Various other Tim contributions

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The Anatomy of Tim
Nick's thoughts on one of arc-t's most influential posters

You just had to ask... :)

Well, I can't explain my thoughts entirely, because they are yet to be sorted out into a fully comprehensible and understandable mass; in other words I know what I mean (sorta), but it may be a while before others will without a doubt... :D

A few of the thoughts that came to me about Tim was just how much of a hurting person he is; now before you get on your high horse and say, oh, blame everything on hell fire, that isn't it. A real genuine hurt and sorrow inside of him that I can relate to in different ways. I don't know what it is, but I know it's there. That's not to say that Tim is any sort of weak person, because he isn't. He is very strong-willed, his posts clearly show this. He can be very logical at times in his posts, where he does have a point below his thick flames; although at times he can be thick-headed in sticking with his ideas. It has made me question my beliefs, and I believe that because of him I can say that I have a lot more standing on what I do believe, because I have tested it.

Now what would make him to where he has a total hatred toward Christians and the religion itself, I do not exactly know. I do remember my deep hatred for Christianity before I was who I am now; it was brought on by a legalistic father, who made life most of the time a living hell and justified everything on that he was Spiritual head of the house. I had and have so many scars from him, and more and more as time goes by. I hated it then because of him. Also the church people, I don't care for many of them, for most of them are a bunch of backstabbing, gossiping hypocrites. I've suffered a lot of abuse from the Church, even quite a bit now. I can see how he might come up with his assumptions about Christians, because in a way he paints an abstract picture of the dark side of the Church (no star wars thing intended).

He saddens me, I'm sure there's a lot of hurt and pain in his life to be at where he is, because I had a lot back then. I would deny it, but that was only because I was too thick-headed to admit it to myself. At times I wish I knew him, he sounds like he would be a great guy outside of the group. I don't know... I have a lot of thoughts about the issue, all still so disorganized.

I want to make a little disclaimer right now that what I said could be totally different than what really is, because I am not Tim, I do not live inside his mind, and therefore I can not truly give a half-way decent anology of who he is, and why he is the way he is. Nobody will understand Tim, just as nobody will me, Steven, wersh, anyone in this group... Only Tim truly understands himself, for the most part... just as anyone.

i can merely dream..........


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Tim's Last Post

On February 13th, 2000, after disappearing from the group for almost 6 months, Tim posted to arc-t one last time

Subject: Why I Converted to Christianity


I'm pretty certain this is my last post, but I got off my ass and threw together a hotmail addy, so feel free to e-me.

Haven't paid much attention to this group lately--don't plan to. Looks as though its hit a pretty stable, predictable stride, am I right? Same old Pascal worship, same old kids asking if god wants them to jerk off...would life be the same without any of it? I just figured I owed you sorry sons of bitches, and the rest of the world (aka, THOSE sorry sons of bitches) a real exit message before heading off into stage two. Hell, none of you know what I'm talking about, but you will. Figured I could tie up a few loose ends and put a cap on two or three years of uneven deja posting. I suppose I've stabilized on my studies on christianity after a long, painful period of differing perspectives, and ultimately my conclusion is one that had been lingering in my mind all along, but I didn't really want to accept. The bottom line is that I wanted to believe that people are, in general, as complicated and, well, as REAL as they think they are. It's easy to drop by a place like arc-t and put all the blame on some of the scum of the earth; after all, after seeing the lows capable of this group its pretty easy to convince oneself that it only takes so many assholes of this caliber to fuck up the legacy of an entire species. Christianity is nothing but a mistake, another shell that nothing people can put over their nothing selves. There are so many shells--good, bad, indifferent--that people can put on themselves that its impossible to see them as who they are sometimes. But I'm learning, and I'm accepting it. I've only met maybe two people in my life who have something special and real and genuine behind their shells, and I'll feel lucky if I meet two more. I wouldn't be surprised if I ever ran across a genuine person with the ugly christianity shell adorning their beautiful self, but in every case I've seen so far, the shell has been wearing the person, and not vice-versa, reducing a breathing body to the lie that it enshrouds. But it doesn't matter. If christianity wasn't there, you'd find something to cover your nakedness. Something better, maybe, but something. I know I'm probably not reaching anybody. Hollowness cannot feel hollowness. Maybe one day, you'll get just drunk enough, play a beautiful song on your discman, and stare at the stars, and you'll understand. But it will probably all be wasted on you.

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