The TimFAQ

DEBATE FAQ: by Tim Meyers

Q: What is the point of this FAQ?

A: This FAQ is maintained to educate the god-diseased on the state of
religious debate on alt.religion.christian-teen. It covers questions
frequently asked by the Krazy Khristian Kooks (KKK).

Q: What about the other FAQs?
A: As of yet, two other FAQs exist. One is maintained by Steven Schrader,
and it a useful unbiased perspective of the state and purpose of the
group. The other is maintained by Jackel (more commonly known as Jerkel,
Jackoff, Jackass, etc.) and pretends to have absolute authority, despite
the fact that almost nobody takes Jerkel seriously. All three FAQs are
maintained on a regular basis, and should be looked at for information or
(in Jerkel's case) a good laugh.

Q: You're mean.
A: That's not a question.

Q: Why are you so mean?
A: There are two reasons why my manner is considered mean:
1) It's something christians don't want to hear or even consider, as a
result of a defense mechanism created by the desire for a god.
2) I have little patience for the stupid, the arrogant, the homophobic,
the sexist, the racist, and the stupid (worth mentioning twice). There is
nothing wrong with a bit of justified aggression.

Q: Are you going to be mean to me just because I'm a christian?
A: Contrary to popular belief (and Steve's FAQ), the answer is certainly
no. I am tolerant to someone until they prove themself to be
unreasonable. If you don't want to be flamed, don't be an idiot.

Q: That sounds hard. Why don't you just leave? This is a newsgroup
for christians!
A: Correction: this is a newsgroup for discussion and debate pertaining to
christianity. What kind of christian discussion can you have with just
one side?

Q: Don't end an answer with a question.
A: Don't form a question with a negative imperative sentence.

Q: OK, so maybe the Christian Coalition deserves this kind of negative
attention, but why can't you leave the rest of us alone?
A: Firstly, I am not attacking all christians on an individual basis,
just christianity. I fight christianity because it influences intolerance
and encourages ignorance. Even if you take the conservative christian
groups out of power, you can expect more Pat "The Rat" Robertson clones to
be produced down at the idiot factory.

Q: What makes you so sure we're wrong?
A: You have no evidence to back you up, first of all, making it uncredible
as even a theory. Nextly, it mirrors the pattern of religions being
created for confort and empty "enlightenment". As a rule, something
designed to fulfill natural human needs that ironically happened before
accurately recorded history and left no evidence to speak of sounds a
little fishy. Also notable is the fact that the bible reflect sexism and
other views "of the time". Why would a less evolved society be right on
those issues? You think god would be ahead of his time. Then, of course,
there's the two-hundred or so contradictions that are fun to toss around.

Q: The bible has gone through hundreds of translations. Of course SOME
contradictions will arise!
A: Not a question either, but this is why I don't use the contradictions
thing as the spearhead of my argument. Of course, if the bible is so
unaccurate in some parts, it's silly to pretend it's completely accurate
in a few tiny verses you use to justify sexism and homophobia.

Q: Fags? Why are you defending fags?
A: Because scientific evidence and logic exists to show that they were
born gay. Even if the bible "says so", evidence that can be seen and
observed should be held over guesswork.

Q: Fags spread AIDS.
A: Christians spread stupidity. Stupidity has killed more people than

Q: Christians no spread dumb-dumb! Anyway, even if we are wrong, so what?
It evens out the same way, and if we're right and you're wrong, we get
heaven and you get hell!
A: So you're saying you are too much of a coward to care about being
right, and you might as well hurt others to gain some empty gratitude and
fulfill a slim chance at reaching fairyland...
Q: Damn straight.
A: Anyway, for one thing you are assuming it to be a fifty/fifty chance
. Logic decrees otherwise. And what of all the other religions promising
hell if you do not follow them? It's more or less of the same likelihood.
With all the possible religions, christianity's credibility of hell is
melted down significantly. Also, it's hard to believe that the creator of
the universe would be that much of an asshole.

Q: Speaking of, if there's no god, where do you think the universe could
have come from? Random chance? Do you think it's been here forever?
Those both dumb-dumb.
A: Where do you think god came from?
Q: He's been here forever.
A: So why is it so hard to believe so much of the universe?
Q: ...
A: Well?
Q: It's not your turn to ask these questions! I don't like this game,
leave me alone!

Q: If christianity is wrong, why do so many people believe it?
A: Why are so many people racist? Why are so many people followers of the
non-christian religions? Keep in mind that the other religions equate a
higher population. People used to believe that the world was flat.

Q: It is! Anyway, you sure defend gays a lot. You must be gay.
A: I guess I must be black, too. Why would someone who defends gays be in
the closet about his or her homosexuality? Most closet homosexuals try to
compensate by being more homophobic.

Q: Oh, that's *so* silly! (does "hand thing") Anyway, what's this
newsgroup like? Pagan conquered?
A: This newsgroup has become a violent warzone, yes, with an even
distribution of non-christians/liberal christians and Kooky Konservative

Q: Who's who?
A: See Steve's faq, and the upcoming bio page.

Q: You should repent to the lord!
A: What makes you think this?
Q: The bible.
A: Why is the bible so credible?
Q: It's the word of god, duh!
A: Where do you base this assertion?
Q: The bible.
A: You can't use bible to argue bible.
Q: Can too! Pagan fag-lover! Repent! Repent! God will toast you in hell!
A: Welcome to alt.religion.christian-teen. I have a feeling you'll fit in
juuuuust fine.