Who's Who
Memorable Past Members

This section is devoted to past members of arc-t. If you have someone that you'd like to include in this list, let me know. Some past members were so memorable that they have their own Tribute! :)

Angel - An interesting name for sure considering that Angel was one of arc-t's regular atheist posters for a good portion of 1998.

J Chang - The dinosaur of arc-t.. J Chang has been in and out of arc-t since 1997. He still posts on occasion, but seems mostly drawn to the "real world" these days.

Dobbin - One of my favorite posters to ever grace the halls, cafe, and ballroom of arc-t. An english atheist who liked to play with swords, urm, I don't know what else to say.

Karen Hi - A bit flighty, liked to call everyone her a friend, and somehow managed to convince Auntie to give her his phone number.

Holyfire - Liked to refer to himself as the Defender of Reformed Orthodoxy. Oh yeah, he was a regular laugh riot! ;)

Lindsay Jackel - One of the most notable, and most disliked members of arc-t's past. Lindsay was one of those few instances where both Christians and non-Christians actually agreed on something.

Robert Mansfield - One of the first posters that Steve got into a real debate with (on the topic of homosexuality).

Jeremiah McGowen - One of the very first "regular" posters to arc-t.

Timothy Meyers - Perhaps the very definition of a memorable past member, Tim played a huge part in shaping arc-t into the group it is today.

Neil - Master of the haiku posting style. Most of his posts left you wondering. Period. He could make you forget your name. It was quite impressive really.

Christopher Nelson - Chris's biggest contribution to arc-t was his creativity, which brought to the group such things as "The Cafe" as well as being the spark that began the "arc-t group stories". Chris still stops into the group from time to time, but hasn't been a regular member for a while now.

mich pharm - Okay, so her real last name is Pham, but we won't let things like that get in the way of our fun. Mich's biggest contribution to arc-t was in turning half of it's members into Ben Folds Five fans. :)

Saul Sabia - He hit arc-t running and was a big contributor to the group for the short time that he was here. Last we heard he was off to college, and he hasn't posted since. :(

Sagalore - Was waaay too into Ken Hovind.