Karen Hi: Woman of Many, Many, Many Words

Written and compiled by Steven Schrader

Karen was a frequent poster in arc-t from December of 1998 through August of 1999. She wasn't necessarily an influential poster. Rather, she was a memorable one due to her beliefs, her attitude towards others in the group, and due to the style of her posts. I think it would have been very easy to dislike Karen for some of the statements she made, and she could certainly be frustrating at times, but it was hard to find malice in her posts. For most of us anyways. :) By the way, I don't think her actual name was Karen Hi, but rather that was the name she posted under. Where she's at these days I don't know, although from what I understand she still has her WebTV account if anyone wants to drop her a line....

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Karen's First Post - December 19, 1998

In answer to the scriptures that you gave on strong drink,friend,I'd like to reply with scripture....
First,let's go to the scripture that you gave in John,where Jesus turned the water into wine. It has been known throughout history that there were two types of wine-fermented and unfermeted (alcoholic and unalcoholic). Jesus, the Son of God, did not in one point break the Law of God,yet obeyed,and knew the scriptures more than any man,for they were the joy of HIs soul-they guided HIs life. He knew of the sciptures that spoke of the harmful effects of wine-indeed,He had gien those scriptures. Friend,I am led to believe that the wine that Jesus made at that wedding was the unfermented wine made from grape(another word for grapejuice,I suppose),and not the alcoholic beverage.
Now,in Proverbs 31 verses 6 and 7 it says, "Give strong drink to him who is perishing,and wine to those who are of a bitter heart. Let him drink and forgethis poverty,and remember his misery no more." Yet look at what that chapter says,right before those verses. In verse 4 of chapter 31 it read, "Not for Kings,O lemuel,not for kings to drink wine." Then look at Revelation chapter 1,verse 5 and 6..... " and from Jesus Christ,the faithful witness,the firstborn from the dead,and the ruler over the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him glory and dominion forever and ever."
"...and has made us kings..." When we become Christians, we become kings,I think, by God,if I am interpreting these scriptures correctly. And if we are kings, then let us look back to where it says in Proverbs...."Not for kings,O Lemuel, not for kings to drink wine."

May God bless you and yours as you seek Him

Some thoughts on Karen from the members of arc-t...

Karen was the most single-minded, irreconcilable, tunnel-visioned, and just plain fucking weird Christian to ever enter arc-t. I must say she creeped me out even more than Jackel. And let's not forget who had the brass to actually engage her in a phone conversation. >:) - Antisocial

Well, I can't really say much of anything for Karen as I didn't have much to do with her...she seemed quite nice though...for a Christian :) - Charos

Karen was _really_ friendly. Even after someone completely cut her down, she would continue to call them friend. She cared about everybody here, but seemed rather naive. Her kindness to everyone even got abrasive at times. She was given more to few long posts than many short ones. She was also _very_ Christian. She didn't understand why anybody wouldn't want to be a Christian. Strangest thing I remember: She asked for my phone number once?? - Christopher Nelson

She's nice, and I think she doesn't realize how much she can come off as a snobby little condescending brat sometimes. Still, she's Christian, and good for having someone to bounce thoughts off of, as she's not necessarily mainline Christianity. - Saul Sabia

Karen...she always gave the impression of being about 3 miles into the ionosphere and still accelerating (although presumably she'd say she was high on Jesus). She was worryingly friendly, inclined to huge, huge posts, and seemed awfully keen to call people. And she had a nephew who seemed to require a lot of attention when difficult questions came up. But hey, at least she's memorable right? - David Shipley

Talking to karen was like sitting on a stick of butter that was slowing sinking into a pot of boiling oil. - nick

Memorable Posts

Karen could be very frustrating to deal with (more on that in the posts to follow) but it does seem like her heart was in the right place

I hadn't been going to chat rooms much recently, and not for long when I did go, but tonight for some reason I did. And when there, someone said some things to me that convicted my heart.

I am so sorry for those times when I have tried to exalt myself in the views of others, or put others down because of their knowlede of certain things. Who am I to judge any of you? God has created us all-God has extended His grace tous all. All of us ae loved by Him-for all of us Jesus Christ died.

Please everyone, forgive me if I have pushed you away with an "i;m holier than thou" attitude. Forgive me if my words have lacked sincerity or kindness, please. I'm to share the good news of what Jesus Christ has done for me and is doing,and what He can do for all who come to Him,not judge anyone. Jesus loves you. Please forgive me for not showing that love.

One of the sad things about Karen was in the way that she related to non-Christians. It can be hard to talk to someone who finds casual, friendly conversation with someone else to be "supporting them in their beliefs", and therefore something to be avoided.

It may not mean to avoid non-Christians like the plague, friend...we're not told to. Yet it does seem to me to mean to not seek to be compainions with them,friend. This isn't a joke; their salvation isn't a laughing matter. to just go and laugh with them, these same peope who are rejecting hristy is almost like supporting them in their beliefs. And how does that help them, Inky? How much of what we are doing is based on our own feelings and how much is in obedience to God's Word? If we took Paul's example, and Christ's example, we would see that their faith ws not strenghened as they were surrounded by unbelievers, but as they were preaching the gospel to those who had open hearts and were ready to listen to the truth that would save.
There are many out there who want to hear it, who need to. I was one of those people. And the time that we're spendig here, friend, is it really helping them? Has the Lord impressed upon your heart o stay here, or is it just for fun and games, when there could be someone else, even someone else on the internet somewhere, that needs to hear about Jesus Christ?

Another frustrating thing was that she would often push Christians to avoid the debate that has long been a staple of arc-t, which of course would have made for a much less interesting group. :)

"He who walks with wise (men) will be wise, but the companions of fools will be destroyed."

Christians, be careful that in here, and really everywhere you go,that your focus remains on Christ Jesus, and not on vain and silly arguments that, as Paul says, help nothing. Tell what you know-share your testimony and your faith. If they reject that, friends, then don't continue to argue with them over it. Be what Jesus told you to be-a witness. Witness to them of God's power in your lives, and make sure that you yourself are seeking HIs will first and foremost, lest yo be swayed by the foolish arguments in here. The Bible tells us that we find our shield in God's Word..yet how can we have an answer for the questions asked if we don't read and study prayerfully the Bible? We have to do this. We have to ask for God's will in what we do and say and where we go...then, after you have refreshed your soul in being in Christ's presence, then go and share with others the wonderful news of salvation. But why waste time with those who choose not to hear you? There are so many others who are hungry and need to know of the awesome joy that Christ brings, of HIs saving grace. Go to them, share with them, rather than wasting time with those who will not hear. And may God bless each of you richly with HIs love, care and grace and wisdom as you set your heart to seek His face.

Aubrey,perhaps you are the stronger one..or shall I say the wiser one. You see the debates,the arguing,et little of the proclaiming of the gospel-little of love,little of what Christianity is really about. And I have seen more people influenced by the foolish doubts and questions of others,and vain ideas than I've wished to because they stayed here and tarried and gave too much of their attention to the athiestic posts. I wish there were many true Christian posts than there are. I wish Christians would simply ignore the foolish ones,which have so little to do with Christ,and concentrate on sharing the gospel,and focus on encouraging Christians and sharing the truth.

I hope that you'll keep in contact with me through email. Please pray for all of us. :)

Of course, actually debating Karen was another matter entirely....

(This post was in response to an argument that animals did not eat animals in the "early days" and instead ate only plants because animals were not to eat other living things. Of course, plants are alive too....)

Animals ate vegetables. steven, I already did answer that question. This foolishness about vegetables being alive and such I am not going to get into, for everyone's sake.

But as hard as it could be to find common ground, for the non-Christians at least, there were times when she actually came across as playful. If Karen ever returns to the group, I hope that it's that side which shines through. :)

I can think of someone right now. ;)

Karen Hi ( wrote:
=A0=A0=A0=A0 A silent post. I think some of us could take an example from that. :)

Hmmm. /ignore Ti....oh wait,that only works in chat rooms,doesn't it? j/k :)

August was not the first time that Karen left arc-t. For a while she was coming and going every few months. Below is the text of her "goodbye" post from May 16, 1999

I think maybe now it's time for me to leave here. Just moments ago I spent time in prayer, and it was so refreshing, to talk with Jesus Christ, to cast my cares upon Him. The Bible says not to keep company with fools,with mockers, with violent men, lest you become like them. I've been here a few months,perhaps more,and I have seen things hat have made me sad and few that have made me glad, because alot of you have a tremondous misconception of Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus Christ was "God maniest in the flesh." All that He did demonstrated the true character of God Almighty...never did a soul come to Him in need of help, in need of encouragement, that was cast away by Him. He healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons,preached good news to the poor, the good news of salvation to all who would hear it. This isn't a Christian NG. Jesus seems so far from the hearts and minds of people here. Have you ever listened o the testimonies of Christians? Because they are true. They'll tell you how they were saved from a horrible place and time because God saved them, and it's the truth. Psalm 116 is David telling how God heard his prayer,and delivered him. He has done this for me and countless others I have known and He can do it for you,but you must believe in Him, that Jesus Christ is who he says. He'll take your ashes and give you beauty and take your sins and wash them away. He'll take your old life and give you a new one. I promise you this and I'm not lying to you. But you have to trust Him,even if that trust is very small. And say, "Lord,I believe You are the son of God,therefore wI will follow You." In faith I believed. In faith,albeit my faith was small, I called out to God from the pit I was in,and He delievered me,and showed me many wonderful things in my life. David said, "I delight to do Thy will,O my God,yea Thy law is within my heart." God's law is light in this darkness. I was in the darkness before, cause I was a sinner,but the light of God's love and mercy,as shown through the gospel, saved me,and there is no greater joy that I know of than to walk with Jesus. Don't look at man's faults as an excuse for procrastinaton..each person will be held accountable for their own sins. But look to Jesus Christ, the sinless One,the spotless Son of God, and call out to Him,in faith,and He will hear you. Don't doubt him,just believe. He loves you and wills what is best for you..the Bible says that even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. He knows every detail of your life, every thought of your mind and feeling of your heart, every sin,and yet still He loves you and is willing to save you if you are willing to turn to Him to be saved. I will,Lord willing, email anyone who wants to keep talking through email about God. May God bless you as you seek Him.

Karen's final post to arc-t - August 25, 1999

My 5 year old nephew just said some very wise words. He said if they, (people who don't believe in God), don't want to listen to those who share the truth of Christ, then leave them. "Let them have it their way" were his words.