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We all have to start somewhere. :) This is a collection of the first posts of various members of arc-t, both present and past. In some cases the text being responded to has been trimmed a bit to save space. Text in italics represents what was being responded to.

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Neil (posting as Etrnldeity) - August 10th, 1998

when I said satanists out I was wondering why
they would hang out here anyway
nothings wrong with being ''homophobic'
' the BIBLE says 4 times that its wrong
and JESUS did not have to say anything
about it becuse HE knew it was wrong
or why would HE let people think that it was
wrong and make homosexuals feel discriminated
there is no scientific proof of homosexuality being
normal.the reason why nowadays people accept it more
becuse it is popular to do so.I know gays, lesbians,and
bisexual people are abnormal even communists know
that and they are true believers in evolution
and I never saiad that only satanists bash GOD

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Chris Nelson - June 30th, 1998

I'm just wondering... is there a dominant religion in this group. By this I mean Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox, etc. I need to know so I can understand where you are coming from so you can understand me in any future posts. Please don't take offense, as I don't mean to disclude minorities.
Christopher Nelson
inlawsandoutlaws at mindspring dot com

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Nick - September 3rd, 1998

well, let me start off by saying that i belive aliens are demonic manifestations. Before you go calling me a Conspiracy theorist, let me explain why.

First off, all encounters with aliens that have been unexplained or not debunked, involved either someone who was in the Occult (or New Age), living with someone in it, or around a prominent place for such practices.

Secondly, how is the media going to explain the eventual taking place of the Rapture? Millions of people, suddenly disappearing without a trace. Onlookers seeing people disappear right before their eyes. What has Hollywood been feeding us since the mid-50's? Aliens. What has been the latest craze and fazhion statement? Aliens. What have alot of the latest movies been based on? Science Fiction and Aliens. It is so easy for the world to accept this trajedy by labeling it Alien abduction.

1. If aliens exist. Are they god's creatures?

God created everything, including Satan and all the Fallen Angels.

2. And if they had no concept of a religion, would you consider it your right to 'educate/brainwash' them?

well, if the government got their hands on a demon, i think i'm going to start packing. Or start running to the Mountains!
[Matthew 24:16]

God bless,

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Matt Noonan - February 27th, 1998

First of all, an introduction: i was raised a Catholic with a *very* questioning persona, and have since my childhood become interested in many philosophies that have little or no roots in the Christian tradition. What I would like to propose in this post is a question: do you believe that Christianity can be sustained when fused with these beliefs? If so, to what extent? If not, how come?

Nobody can deny that with all the new advances in science and understanding, such as the revolution in Quantum Mechanics/Physics, and the older philosophies of the Far and Near East, such as Santana Dharma, Taoism and Buddhism (which all tend to jive with what has been discovered about the micro- and macro- worlds), that "cross-breeding" between these beliefs and Christianity is a natural step.

Many of Jesus' teachings can be read in a very similar manner to statements later made by the Buddha. Could it be that these teachings, where two major philosophies overlap, could contain a higher truth than either philosophy did alone?

Quantum Mechanics and Buddhism tend to support each other. Is God part of the same concept, simply with a different name, or is h/He something more/less?

How about God and the Tao?

Or God and nonobjectivity (God is He who observes the universe, thus bringing it into reality through the MWI interpretation)?

Just fishing for different ideas... if this post gets some responses, I'll post my own answers to these questions.


-- Matt

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Okamura - January 15, 1999

Subject: To Tim and Antisocial....

Hey Guys...

Why on Earth do you hang out here day and night abusing everything?? You are atheists aren't you??? Or are you some of those guys secretly want to become theistic... yeah I have heard about people like you. Abuse others who disagree in the hope that those theistic urges disappear. Or do you just like blowing in the wind... (or is that pissing in the wind)???
Don't understand you guys. Just don't understand. Why don't you enjoy the sights and sounds of alt.atheism. Learn of the glorious UPI. Get your own number and see if you can get AQOTM (Atheist quote of the Month). Much more fun in games...

Oh and Tim, a troll is someone who goes into another group just for the sake of irritating the hell (or in somecases, the heaven) out of some individuals. Helpu is only a troll when he goes to alt.atheism. You my boy are a chronic troll. Maybe you need professional help.

Okamura #1384

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mich pharm - January 19, 1999

I remember you.. what happened to change your mind, and what did you change to?

Hi :) You can read the message I sent Steven. If you want more of the details, I'll tell you... And I changed to nothing. I'm really no religion... I just believe in God...BUT, if you want to get technical,

Then I think I'd classify you as a deist.. deists believe in a God who basically created the universe and set it in motion. The deist God does not interfere or perform miracles. They believe in some of the Christian morals taught by Christ, but do not look at him as divine or saviour, and the Bible is just another book. Judging from what you've written, this sounds like you and I hope this helps (:

you can classify me as a pagan type person if you wish. (isn't that what christians call all non-christians anyways?)

I think calling people who just happen to have different belief systems "pagan" (not that there's anything wrong with those who do call themsleves pagans) is condescending and ignorant... as if being branded "pagan" is the worse thing that can happen to someone. I'll call you whatever you'd like, Kimmy, and as I suggested above, a deist sounds about right (:


"but you guys! if i eat one more meatball... i'm gonna diiie!"

p.s. if this got posted twice, sorry bout that.. it's kinda late and my brain is a wee bit fried from figuring out how protein chaperones bend and fold newly synthesised proteins d:

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Jim Phelps - April 6th, 1999

Homosexuals are pro-choice; they support abortion and the belief that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body. Pity, since they were born of a woman.

If they were not born of a woman, they were born of the Devil.


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Pirate Scott - March 21, 1999

Christopher Nelson wrote:
- saul_sabia@hotmail.com wrote:
- The Catholic church is the greatest evil that has afflicted this Earth.
- Well, almost.

Watch your mouth, and back up your claims!

There you go! I agree compleatly! Yea!

- Mormons are smart not to pray to Mary.

Duh, didn't he/she just imply that?

Hmmm...there seems to be a common mis-conception that Catholics worship Mary, the saints, etc. That IS NOT TRUE...the most common prayer to Mary is one that is mainly a quote right from the Bible itself (read Luke 1:42-43, the first part of the text from the Hail Mary). Further more, read Luke 1:48 "...from now on will all ages call me blessed..." The Church does not for a second worship anyone but Jesus Christ (I ask you to find me anywhere in official Church doctrine that states otherwise) but mearly honers them for living a extraordinary Christian life. Prayer to the saints is mearly asking the saints to pray for them to God. The idea is that since they are in Heaven and saved and with God that it is a good thing to ask them to pray for us. The same goes for prayer to the Blessed Mother. It is merely the same thing as asking another human on earth to pray for you to God, expept you are asking a saint in heaven to do such.Pirate Scott

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Renita (Mouseroni) - July 16th, 1999

Timothy Meyers wrote in message ...
ChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuck ChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuck ChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuck ChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuck ChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuckChristiansSuck

you're worse than the person you responded to, you know that??


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Roinestad - November 23, 1996

Cindy wrote:

I love You, O LORD, my strength.
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.
He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise,
and I am saved from my enemies.
(Psalm 18)

Hi Cindy!

Thanks for sharing the word of God with us! Praise God for you and your witness! As the Lord told us: Blessed are you, when men revile you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven! Thanking God for you! Frank

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Kevin Rowe - May 16, 1998

Well in MY humble opinion, one has to know everything about the universe in order to know a specific thing doesn't exist within it. Make sense?

Only if you say that one has to know everything about the universe to know if something DOES exist within it. It has to work both ways.


Jon -
I don't know everything about the universe but I DO know you exist.. get the picture?


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Sagalore - October 29, 1998

Wow, you seem so giddy for such a straight man as yourself

Wintermage wrote in message ...
hehe, I thought you were refering to a gay-oriented bible for a second..hehe sorry I just could not contain myself. hehe gay dog hehe

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Sam (SJR) - December 14, 1998

Depends on your defenition of "correctly".
If your using people, or yourself, as a measure then mistakes will happen because human nature tends towards imperfection.
Also, most things require other people's influence, and you can't alsways depend on other people. If they make a mistake, it will mess up your 'correct thinking'

Frank J Chapman wrote in message <753ma8$n7t$3@mercury.iusb.edu>...

Could someone explain how it's possible to think correctly and still make a mistake?

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Steven Schrader - June 9th, 1998

On Mon, 08 Jun 1998 17:43:01 -0400, Jeremiah McGowan (jesusfrk@icdc.com) wrote:

For this reason, I am going to compile a list of all the reasons I personally feel that the Mormon church is false, and I am going to give this list to her later this month. Hopefully, it will help bring her to Christianity.

There's one thing you may want to consider before doing this: How would you feel if she made a list of all the reasons that she felt that the Christian church is false and gave it to you, hoping that you would agree and become Mormon?

Religion can be a very personal thing for many people. I think some people sometimes have a hard time discussing it because so much of what makes up a person's religious beliefs or faith comes from inside. If she's very strong in her Mormon beliefs, you may only end up offending her or pushing her away.

Of course, in the end you have to do what you feel is right, and I hope all goes well for you..

Steven Schrader
The Musician's Homepage - "http://www.enteract.com/~digialex/"
"I got well by talking. Death could not get a word in edgewise, grew discouraged, and traveled on." - Louise Erdrich

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Jon Seymour - March 28th, 1998

Rob Hicks wrote in message ...

Why is it when something as horrible as the Arkansas tragedy, God gets the blame?

I blame two crazy little boys.

Don't you understand that sin is the reason?

And how did you come to this conclusion?

Don't you understand that Satan is the author of evil?

He wrote a book? I believe Satan was made up to become the convenient target of blame whenever something bad happened.  A tradgedy is always difficult to explain why it happened, so it becomes so much easier to put the blame on someone or something, even if it happens to be false.

You unbelievers are quick to blame God to justify your unbelief.

Um, how could a non-believer blame someone that they don't believe exists?

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David Shipley - July 26th, 1998

Thing is, selflessness is voluntary. You can make it a duty, but it doesn't have to be that way. For some people, sacrificing what they have for others is what makes them happy.

Surely then it isn't really selfless? If the person is receiving pleasure (ie. benefit) from the activity? You don't lose yourself in that

Anla'shok Dave
We live for the Cats,
We die for the Cats

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Spiked - February 20th, 2000

christy 4u schrieb:
do you think it is ok for a christian teen to date a non-christian.i dont think so cause if you were to date a non-christian it would bring you down.i think a christian teen shouldn't date at all i think that they should do courtship .what is courtship you ask well it is simple this:haveing a relationship for God , you dont do anything kissie kessie or things like that until you become the persons BEST friend and you know everything about them.just s you know i'm 13 so please dont think i'm some old person trying to get kids to stop these kinds of things. i'm a teen to and this what i think.

Jesus is the light of the world!!!

Christy, I've been there, and as a teen myself (17 years young) I say that one has to follow one's heart. I know many cases of christians dating non-christians, and in the end they both ended up being devoted christians. The person you are dating in such a case should respect your views, as you should respect theirs, otherwise you should not be in that type of a relationship. From what you wrote, I gather that you are concidering entering into such a relationship, and are having second thoughts about it, because of the christian/non-christian aspect. I do not think that is the most important part of a relationship. The question is: Do you love the other person, and are you willing to give 110% to make it work? I think I've sai enough for right now, but feel free to e-mail me, or to post more in this group (Pref. both) if you want to talk some more.

Yours in Christ
Frank Barton

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The Steel Wolf - April 9th, 2001

Surely thats like asking if straight women should be allowed to be boy scout leaders since they would have the same possible reactions of attraction to them.

And yet we let them straight women teach our male children all the time without any qualms. Straight women also often provide one-on-one tutoring to male children. We routinely allow straight people to coach sports teams of the opposite sex. Why don't we have a problem with this?

The real question should be would you want gay paedophiles allowed as boyscout leaders.

Given the percentages of heterosexuals and homosexuals in the population, heterosexuals have proportionately as many pedophiles in their ranks as homosexuals, if not more so. Get your facts right.

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Suzi - February 12th, 2001

I've never used one of these newsgroups before; "T" is a friend of mine and has just helped me figure out how to work this(or so I hope!). Anyway, I don't know what to say, besides introducing myself. I'm 18 years old, a Christian, and I really don't have much to say as of now. Take care all; God bless.

Suzi ?

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Victor Szulc - January 15th, 1999

Well, i mean he was born human, right ? So like any other male on the face of the earth, didnt he ehmmm... spank his monkey just now and then ?

And what about wet dreams ? i mean you kinda cant do anything about it......

please dont stone me, just wondering....

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Tanner (T) - January 15, 2001

i have been raised as a christian and still practice the christian faith. i am not devout to say the least, but i have accepted christ into my life. one problem i have noticed, however, with christianity is the overuse and misinterpretations of the Bible. i have always viewed the Bible as a resource for information, purely used for its historical and life application. but i have noticed more and more that people use it as a basis for EVERYTHING. i don't think people understand that the Bible was written by humans, not by some supernatural force such as God. sure, everyone says "He wrote through them", but i can say that He is writing through me and tell people to jump off a bridge and most (not all) wouldn't even give me a second glance. so why put so much faith in paper and ink? furthermore, its hundreds of years old. things have changed. people aren't crucified, and we most certainly do not sacrifice animals, so why regard the other parts of the Bible so highly? i'm just looking for a good, honest, and hopefully intellegent answer.

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Leslie Terrell - February 24th, 1999

Hi all. I have never posted to this group and (forgive me) have not read any other threads. But I think I should speak on this subject. First of all, being a Christian is not easy. You have everything to lose! I have lost friends, the respect of my own brother, and much time due to my belief in Christ. The great sacrifice of Christ is being mimicked on a much smaller scale in my own life. Secondly, God, unlike the majority of us, is not puny, weak, etc, or illogical. So far no one has pointed out that most of the time, if you have a good plan, there is only one way to do it. God wanted a creation that could give him love freely. Lets allow this to be the premise of my arguement. If something or someone is to give love freely, it must choose. It must have rights to choose, and when it chooses not to, it must not be patronized or coddled. Basically what I am saying is that man had to be free to fall out of God's favor. And God had to know, logically, that some of them would. And God wanted them to know him. You can think of God as a sort of playwright. This is an analogy, btw, dont take me to seriously. If W. Shakespeare wants Romeo to know who he is, he must write himself into the play. God had to write himself into the play. He spent all this time hammering into the heads of these people called the nation of Isreal just what sort of God he was. See this way, it would be absolutely plain what was going on when he commits the ultimate act of love. He comes to earth, into the play. Shakespeare dances with Juliet at the feast of the Capulets. He becomes subject to manipulation, by other charectors and part of himself. (the father, that is, God being more complicated than us, is three deminsional as opposed to two deminsional, I might explain that later, but not now) He gets up from his cushy office seat, and goes on stage in nasty (as in uncomfortable) cakey stage makeup, a silly, illfitting suit, and stands under hot stage lights for 33 years. So when he does come to earth, he enters among the jews. It is ridiculous, among THESE people to imply that you are God, or the son of God or even like God. Not so with the surrounding religions, Zeus fathered nearly all of Greece, or so we can suppose. It is ridiculous, unless you believe it. God has spent the entirity of the "play" setting this up. Either you think he's a loon or you believe him. Simple as that. Therefore, God did not have the logical means to prevent this, it was either this, giving himself on the cross, or never having his creation with him.

I'm not, of course, saying that God couldn't have accomplished this in another way, but I am indeed saying that if he wanted it all to turn out the way it did, this was what he had to do. This was the ultimate sacrifice. The creator made himself completely a creation. He lowered himself to raise us up.

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wersh - January 4th, 1999

OK... having read over the responses to this post, I would like to throw a few thoughts out for your considerations.

Some of you keep saying that the Bible is unreliable, unfounded, etc. Well, have you ever read it? Further, can you prove your statements that it is unreliable, unfounded, etc.? I don't think you really can.

Now, on the existence of a god. First, I defy anyone to prove that there is no god. Further, I would say that there is plenty of evidence that would contribute to a belief in a god. Example: DNA... mathematically DNA would be nearly impossible to just happen to apper. And, while it could have evolved from something else, their is NOTHING that it could have evolved from. The same with the "evolution of man".
Evolutionists talk of missing links and such. In actuality, there are countless missing links, and the more evidence that is unearthed, the more the theory of evolution is shaken. (Please don't spin this off on a creation vs. evolution discussion within the context of these posts. I use this as a mere example; both sides of the debate have ample evidence, and neither side can be conclusively proven, hence the word theory.)

Concerning Jesus. History supports the assertion that such a man existed. Besides the four gospels and other books in the New Testament, other contemporary literature makes references to him (and his miracles). Further, even among the four gospels, no real discrepancies exist. (How likely would it be for four false accounts to all match?) Written history has it that Jesus came and claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, and that he died on a cross, and was buried. Further, it is recorded that he rose from the dead and his tomb is empty. Now there is no way to prove many parts of history, and this is such a case. Evidence may be gathered to support the case, or to rebut the case. However, the historical record remains, and Jesus did in fact exists.

I personally choose to believe Jesus' assertion that he is the son of God. If he wasn't then he would be either a liar or a lunatic. In the context of the historical record, it is very unlikely that Jesus would of lied in such a statement, and even less likely that he was mentally deficient. However, my belief in him goes to the personal level. I *know* him in my spirit. It is impossible for me to prove this, and equally impossible for you to prove otherwise, but my statement stands:
I know Jesus, the son of God, the son of man, my saviour and my God.

Now, having said that, it would logically follow that, based on the teachings of Jesus, the Bible is the word of God. The Bible teaches us that woman was created from man's rib. Thus, the union of marriage reunites two being that are part of each other. And it is more than a physical union, it is also a spritiual union. That is why, I believe, God forbids homosexuality: because the spiritual union can't be accomplished between two members of the same sex. Further, the physical actions we make directly affect our spirits; thus homosexual sexual relations actually hurt our spirit. And, since it damages our spirit, it separates us from God, since only a pure and holy person can approach God.

Now, to be blunt, homosexuallity is a sin, and homosexuals are sinners. Guess what: everyone else are also sinners. Guess what: God still loves us, even though we have sinned, and continue to do so.

Now for some bad news and good news. The bad news is that any sin, including but not limited to homosexuality, condemns its sinner to hell. The good news is that forgiveness, and eternal life, are freely available through Jesus. For more details, just read the Bible.

Now, before any of you go replying to this post, I'd like to point something out to you: my post keeps building on its previous points. If you try to disprove something at the end, it will be pointless until you have disproven everything before it. If anyone can legitimately disprove my statements, I'd love to see their thoughts.

I'm not perfect. And neither is what I have written.


(I apologize in advance for any typos... webtv doesn't provide a spellchecking feature.)

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