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wersh is strange. That's quite simply the best way to put it.

When wersh first came to arc-t, he was a Christian. Much has changed since that time. Now wersh is an agnostic atheist - one who believes in no God, but likewise doesn't believe there is no God, instead leaving deities as unknown and improbable. It was quite a journey of self to get from point A to point B - indeed, wersh travelled from A, almost to B, almost back to A, and then back to B again (in some manner of speaking, at least). Through the journey, wersh learned much about himself and the world around him. He is a happier wersh, and a much more stable wersh.

 How much of this is because of arc-t? That's difficult to really say. However, in wersh's mind, arc-t provided a relatively safe zone where ideas could be tossed out and torn to shreds, or built upon if they held merit. Friends were made - in fact, he even found his boyfriend in arc-t. To wersh, arc-t isn't just a usenet newsgroup - its a community, a family, a center of learning, and even a warzone.

What can you expect of wersh? Everything and nothing - sometimes both and sometimes neither. Sometimes wersh is particularly thoughtful, giving sound answers to the questions posed within the group. Sometimes wersh is just plain silly, and his ramblings cause the group to laugh or roll their eyes (as they see fit). Sometimes wersh is quite friendly and helpful, while other times he can be rather harsh and mean - though often, the harsh and mean is in response to particularly trollish posters and other similar villains. And sometimes, you have absolutely no idea what wersh is talking about (if he's even talking about anything at all), and so you nod your head and smile politely.

Interested in learning more about the wersh? Feel free to question him at length in arc-t. He'll be there, for quite a long while yet. Sometimes he may not post as much due to work and such, but he rarely ignores the the group completely. And though he prefers keeping conversations in the group, wersh does welcome email (though he is often quite untimely in his replies it seems).

One last detail of paramount importance: do not capitalise the w in wersh. Ever. Not even at the beginning of a sentence. For wersh is not wersh's name, nor is it even a word. It is a symbol. And as a symbol, rules of capitalisation are not relevant to its appearance.

Indeed, the wersh is strange.

What the other folks in arc-t think of wersh:

"Says good things. However, that doesn't mean he can't flame with the best of 'em. And once he stops bitching at you for capitalizing, he can be a downright nice chap." - Saul Sabia

"Since wersh came to arc-t I have to post less - he says so much of what I wanted to, and usually in a much clearer way. If you don't understand something I've said, just ask him for a translation!" - Sam