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The Astute Andrew

I suppose I should start at the beginning. Here goes nothing. Or everything, depending upon whom you ask. I am Andrew James Thomas Van Hout. People call me (reads as: these are titles of my own invention, no one really "calls me" them) by the titles Geek Extraordinaire, Emperor of Ambiguity, Lord of Chaos, Czar of Bleakness, Overlord of Dysfunction, and Master of the Abyss. I am the personification of all that is Whimsical. I am Logic twisted and distorted beyond all recognition. I am a child, lost and alone in a world full of danger and peril. I am a storm, ready to rain my fury upon anything and everything that stands in my path. Once, I went to the very depths of despair, came back beaten beyond recognition, and still managed to bring back a T-shirt. I am Andrew James Thomas Van Hout, merely a kid seeking enlightenment.

There. That's the person I am. Some people think I am weird, others think I'm intelligent, and still others think I am just "screwed-up." Honestly, I think I'm a combo of the three, with a couple of other personalities to boot. I suppose the question remains, "who is this freak?" I'm a whimsical, intelligent, quasi-witty, kind, and unique 17 year-old male. Happy enough with that description? Well, I am. Fine, I'll talk about myself some more if you insist. I like anything that requires thinking. I'm a devout Catholic. I write poetry, I enjoyed math class once upon a time, I am fond of new technology, I really like cooking, I am addicted to reading, I occasionally dress in extremely bright colors, I like cats, and I have a rather phenomenal vocabulary when compared to my peers. I can't really spell anything on my own though. I would not survive English class if word processing and spellcheckers didn't exist. Lastly, I am also the de facto leader of the Ralph-adoring Freaks of Rombus. There, that's enough. Let's go on my surroundings. I live somewhere in Wisconsin, specifically in the Fox Valley. Fine, I live in Neenah. I attend that place known as Neenah High School, the same school infamously known for drugs, booze, and rednecks. And arrogant people. To all of those who are reading this, I kindly request that you never ask any questions even remotely related to NHS. I work very diligently to remain oblivious to what goes on at NHS (or maybe just oblivious in general), and I don't need to be bothered with annoying little comments that force me out of my oblivious state.

I suppose a few of you reading this want to learn my phone number and/or street address. Too bad, I'm not giving it to you. If you really wanted the two things, it probably won't be too difficult to find them. Specifically, you can looks at the end of the FAQ. My contact information is there. After all, privacy really doesn't exist anymore. I should warn everyone reading this about confronting me under certain circumstances. If you don't know me, or I don't know you, I don't want to meet you. I am a bloody introvert, and I like being left alone unless I have clearly made you a friend. Also, I am "emotionally unstable," and cannot be held responsible for any actions I may commit if confronted by a stranger.

Right now, I'm done with this little speech. If you have read this far, I congratulate you for accomplishing a rather boring and mundane task. It is now time for me to step off my soapbox and end these ramblings. Good day to all of you, and let not any furry critters gnaw at your leg.

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