Who's Who/Bios

The question on many of the most enquiring minds of today is, who is Nick? Where does he come from? Why did he come here out of all places? Why did he have to rain down on our parade? What is there to understand about him to reason with his annoying sense of self-righteousness and criticism? Many have asked these questions in the past, and many more will down the road. So it is my quest, his personal ghost writer, to write possibly an overview of who this wonderful fantastic person is exactly! I was not payed to say that. Seriously!

So we shall start from the beginning.

It was a cold and windy August night, the rain that had been pouring down with extreme anger on the dimly-lit pier had stopped all of a sudden. A cold massive building stood at the edge of the water front, intimidating in it's own manner. Uniformly gray, except for the flashing red strobe lights on the top of the roof, beckoning for victims. A sudden scream pierced the midnight air without warning, soon followed by a cry not of this world. This was the day the clouds conspired against the world, took hold of the earth and shook with all its might to cause a disturbance in familiar life.
The thunder boomed out with all its might that night and said to the soon passing lightning, "This is our creation which we shall be proud of for many centuries to come. Maybe by chance this creature of ours will be certain of world domination, and then we will control again."
And indeed, something rather odd was born that cold night in August, and as nothing good ever came out of the month of August, even on the 24th, and worst of all on the dawn of one of the worst decades of music to ever come along; evil was feared.
A sudden burst of rain came down and drowned the building away from view, the waters rising and falling at an uncalculateable pace. The wind came swinging up from the south and pulled a palm tree up from it's roots, flinging toward a certain window on the Second floor. It did not see the light pole in it's way, unfortunately for the palm, maybe for the world. The pole bent with unease, tilting and then silent with a sudden burst of light. Calm. Silent. Dead. The wind was stirring unhealthfully around the building and with a sudden snap, the building went pitch black, the dull yellow had faded, while an even duller red was being emitted. Moans were heard from the establishment as a great black monolith slowly appeared down from the clouds descending into the parking lot. A great deal of people battled through the rain and wind to just catch a glimpse at this possible Alien craft and gathered round about; gawking and squealing like children. They reached out to feel the smooth black surface of this odd apparition. And then, from nowhere, a sudden piercing noise shrilled through the crowd, causing for many to clutch their faces and start to claw. A certain window burst and shattered into oblivion on the building, a glow was emitted through it as if Mother Mary were there herself. What looked like a child floated through, beaming with light on a steady path towards the monolith.

And this was the beginning, the start of a gripping change on life's reality soon to be crushed. For this was the day that the Star-child was born, and it was written, his name shall be Nick, for that is a most righteous name to have.

         - Excerpt from "The Birth of a Dream" by Lewis Everret
           pg. 4-5 © 1987 McMillan Press

So what can be drawn from this revealing piece of information?
More than likely nothing at all. But it is interesting proof that Nick has ties with the mafia. Possibly.

As for more background information on this creature, we find that he subscribes to general Christian theology, though has his own opinions and beliefs on enough things in Church doctrine to make him questionable as far as what the Church would have. Currently attending an Assemblies of God church that is WAY too big to begin with and lacks from the consequences thereof. This would suggest that he is Pentecostal. In his past he was deeply involved with the Occult for quite a while, going deep enough to be know-it-all at the time. He was also Atheist at one point in his life.

Medical disorders include Manic Depression and Anxiety Disorder, more than likely the cause for the style of posting of his in the group at times, varying widely but most of the time a continuous sarcastic taste to everything. 'Life is too serious to be serious in a newsgroup', being his philosophy on posting. Another mental disorder one might like to say is that he is what some call a "Gothic", or just a Goth for short. Many claim this is impossible with Christianity, others think it is just plain barbarian. No attacks against this way of thinking have been valid enough to pay attention to so far.

A radiohead fanatic, he may post things very incoherent after a music fix. Also, listens to Ben Folds Five with a passion thanks to mich. A rather odd but a favorite band of his is "Danielson Famile", an independent band right now from New Jersey who sings of the Spirituality of the middle finger and of having your voice stuck in falsetto as a grown man. But if you ever want to get Nick's attention, just claim you know who Danielson is or say something he doesn't know about Radiohead.

Despite his rather odd posts to the group, it is true he posts seriously at times on certain subjects, if they warrant it. Sometimes rather moodily if you catch him or bother him at the wrong time. He is not as mentally unstable as some of his posts might suggest. He is open to criticism and debate, and will bend opinions if they merit bending; unlike a good portion of the group. Take the whole Timothy Meyers issue for instance.
He is also a thespian and a poet, but don't tell him that, especially that he's a web designer. He could get mad and throw fits because he never feels he's doing enough of anything in any of those fields.

But to conclude and possibly understand the grounds of this character, we should look at the brilliant summary from Nigel Rayonai's masterwork:

It can be guessed from many sources the meaning behind each word one utters about the attention of this thesis is merely half-guessed and half-conjured by the mind's crudeness. To look at the details you fail to see the picture itself, and looking too broadly you miss the focus on intricity. Taking doors into the mind can lead closer, and such is taken with fear and suffering. This all to conclude that the object of the mind's manipulation can often be seen as the opposite of the conclusion, merely broken.

         - Excerpt from "The Radical Tao of Ni" by Nigel Rayonai
           pg. 573 © 1997 Simon & Schuster


What the other folks in arc-t think of nick:

"When I saw Nick's first post to the newsgroup, I knew from the beginning he was destined to become Emporer of the World, don't ask me how. He's incredibly intelligiant, brilliant, and full of wisdom that the lips of men have never touched. Neither can it be said that once this honor has passed from arc-t, will there ever be someone as outstanding in everything as this Nick." - Ni - Feb 19, 2000