Who's Who/Bios

I was born in Philadelphia, PA on Christmas Eve of 1981. I grew up in a smallish town in central Pennsylvania, and I am now (Fall 2000) a freshman at Covenant College in Georgia.

My "spiritual journey" was a bit odd. I grew up in a Christian home, with Presbyterian parents and attending an Arminian mega-church. When I hit twelve or thirteen I sort of pitched what I saw as the Christian faith. However, in hindsight I was really reacting to the quasi-heretical, pseudo-gnostic, semi-Pelegian Christianity of my church and most of modern America (yes, that is a sore spot). My parents introduced me to the Reformed faith and I have been pursuing that as far is it will go. I am now happily and firmly settled as one of the truly Reformed (if you don't get that, don't worry). The easiest way to get my attention is to compare me to modern Christianity; I resent the comparison :)

My interests are pretty eccentric. I listen to very little music, watch very few movies, and don't watch TV if I can help it. I play a few PC games (mostly strategy and RPG's) and weave chain mail on the side, but most of my leisure time is spent pursuing theology and philosophy. I am Reformed in my faith, post-modern in my argumentation, theistic evolution/framework literary theory in my cosmogeny, and Christian in my epistomology.

I have an unabashed committment to the truth of Scripture, I believe that both homosexuality and abortion are morally wrong, and I believe that the Christian explanation of the world is the only correct one. But I recognize that my own moral, philosophical, and theological perspective is so different from most of the rest of the world that there is no point in getting worked up when people don't agree with me. I don't flame and won't respond to flames. But if you aren't interested in having your philosophical foundations questioned, just ignore me: I should get the point after a little while :)

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