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Jonathan Downie

Hello World!

Och well, you see, I am Jonathan (not Jnathan) Downie. I am in Scotland and, as yet, still a teen. I still live at home (except when I am travelling) with my mum and (until next year sometime) my big bro.

I am a strong, some would say fundie, Christian who believes that believeing science takes as much, if not more, faith than believeing God. I mena come on, everyone knows that your beliefs affect your experiments!

I have a gorgeous steady girlfriend called Helen. I will wrestle her for the right to put a pic here! We have been going out since 5 days after my birthday this year. That makes it 27th Jan we started. Note, my birthday is on the 22nd Jan, I expect presents! Getting to go out with her was the best bday present I have ever had. Well, except for the year I got cool Star Wars toys but she is more attractive then yoda anyday.

Man, all this sounds boring amd I still got more to go. if you got somehwere you need to be right now then go, leave me here, on my own, alone.

Ah ha, that spiced things up as bit. Good, you back now? What do you mean you gotta go to the toilet? I dunno...

You back? Good. Apart from going to church and seeing my girlfirned I also am a 3rd year student at Strathclyde University, the only dencent uni in Glasgow! I am an English & French student and I am currently choosing between drama, radio and translation. I probably will land up doing all three!

Anywho, before you ask, I have no idea where my "wandering wanker" tagline came from. I mean, I do wander but the other part???

Anyway, until I can come up with some more stuff to say that is me.

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