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Christopher Nelson

Christopher Nelson

I was born in February of 1984 (You can do the math, I'm sure) in Tuscon, Arizona, United States of America. My parents were and are both Catholic. Due to circumstance, I was baptised in a home rather than a church, though still by a priest. Both my parents are half-German, and my mother half-Irish, making me half-German and quarter-Irish. I lived one year in Arizona, and have lived three in both New York and San Jose, California. The rest of my time has been in Kentucky (chicken anyone?).

Of before moving to Kentucky, all I can remember is that I was easily angered. After, though, I remember almost up until the airport I landed in. I got here in the middle of second grade (1992).

When in fifth grade, I made the all-A honour roll. However, after that my grades sharply dropped. In sixth grade I almost failed Math, yet I did alright in my other subjects. I was still basically a good kid at that time.

In seventh grade, my life changed. I cannot remember how I viewed religion, save I was slowly rationalizing parts of it out. Contributing to my lack of memory is the fact that from that time until the middle of eigth grade I used inhalants. I held a disregard for school, my parents, and everything else. I got into vandalism, though not too heavy.

In eigth grade, my life started to calm down. I got to know my best friend. I stopped using the inhalants. I examined my beliefs and settled back to my original, Catholicism.

My best friend is Robin Douglas. She is two years older than I. She is the nicest person I know, and is probably at least partially responsible for my life calming down. She can always make me laugh and forget about my anger.

At the end of eigth grade, I started using NewsGroups more. I was on alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic for awhile, but there the community frowned on debate with non-Christians or Protestants. I found this to be far too strict for me, so I moved over onto alt.religion.christian-teen. At first, I argued from a standpoint assuming everybody to be Christian, and argued (IIRC) everything from the Bible, though I have since changed my base assumptions. This was probably largely due to Timothy Meyers and AntiSocial (both atheists) proving otherwise. Now, my beliefs fit in neither 'camp'. The non-Christians see me for what I am, a Christian. The Christians dispute just about my every belief, so they do not consider me always 'one of them'. I have oft gotten in debates on both sides.

My interests include reading, writing, and computers. Of my time, I spend about 45% writing, 45% on computers, and 10% reading.

I'll listen to just about any type of music, except certain types of rap. I prefer, however, to listen to the Rock from the 60's and 70's (not the soft, 'easy-listening' music, though!)

I find other religions to be fascinating. I know a lot about both Greek and Norse mythology. Egyptian mythology is a little vague to me, but I knwo the basics. Quezlcoatl is the only Native American god I know of, and that's where my knowledge stops.

Now that I've wasted all your time, I would like to say: happy hunting!

What the other regs in arc-t think of Chris:

"Christopher - Christian. Catholic to be exact, but I'd rather not get into the nitty gritty... defender of the catholic faith/traditions on arc-T. Arguements tend to be OK." - Allen

"One of the more down-to-earth Jesus Junkies, as I understand a younger teenager. (Most of nuttier christians don't hang around long enough to become "regulars".) Not a homophobe, which is certainly a plus, but is convinced that God somehow brought up his grades when he became religious." - Timothy Meyers

"Chris is extremely creative, and has blessed arc-t with several interesting text adventures. He is rather smart and presents some good arguments for various things when he wants to."." - wersh