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Steven Schrader

Steve and his wife (she's the one on the left)

I'm a not so recent ex-teen (on my eighth year now) who currently resides in the lovely tropical town of Chicago with a woman that keeps insisting that she's my wife. She's cute, so I play along. I spend my days working for a substance abuse program doing computer-type stuff. I'm also going to school, pursuing a major in Anthropology and a minor in Asian Studies. Outside of school, my biggest hobby is probably music, enough so that I made a whole web site about it. :) I even got to sing on the radio once, even if it was a cheesy little song about fireflies.

As for my life history, well, I'm the oldest of 4 siblings, which has probably lowered my life expectancy. I've lived in the Chicagoland area for most my life except for 10 months that I spent in Pennsylvania. I met my wife our freshman year in high school, which we dated all the way through and we ended up getting married the November after we graduated as Seniors, a decision that I've never regretted. :)

I putz around a good deal on the web - you can find some of my other websites and things I'm involved with at my psuedo-wannabe-webloggish-type-thing cowandnerd.com.

My friends are an odd assorted bunch, some who have been there since I was in school, and some more recent (like my best friend who I've only known for a few years now but it feels like I've known her all my life).

I'm one of the old-timers in arc-t, and somehow manage to scrounge up the time to mantain both the FAQ and this website.

Steve and his best friend
Steve's wife, his best friend, and one of his other good friends. :)

What the other folks in arc-t think of Steve:

"Steven - Non Christian. Not sure who posts more, him or sam... either way, another balanced contributer... doesn't seem to actively dislike christians, but doesn't support it either." - Allen

"Ah, where do I start? Steve is essentially the hybrid of all the other members, standing sturdily on a ground of almost maddening nuetrality. Not a christian, but a believer in an anonymous deity. He's not an idiot, but doesn't flame idiots nearly enough. He is the most frequent poster, having a rare "down to earth" mentality that almost everyone can relate with. Like the narrator of a bloody war story: not fighting for either side, but simply observing in an annoyingly indifferent manner. However, he does have a sense of humour and character, and is certainly a welcome addition to the group." - Timothy Meyers

"Steve is one of my favourite people to talk with. He's a theistic non-estabished religion thingie ;) He doesn't usually get angry, and I have only seen two people make him do such." - Chris Nelson

"Cool. Very logical, very smart, sometimes says little, but always seems to say smart things that you wish you'd said. Good at stepping back and being objective. Flames you only if you deserve it." - Saul Sabia

"Steve is good at discusions, but that may be wisdom gained from his extra-ordinarily old age (c.f. rest of group). He doesn't do flame wars very often, probably due to the incredible patience he must have learned while working with computers. He's great most of the time, but does manage to be infuriating on occasions when he just doesn't seem to get it. Of course, he claims he's just provoking discussion when that happens, but I don't know...." - Sam

"Steven is one of those people who will reply within minutes to a query; he is online for most of the day apparently (which must be nice). He comes across as this really nice, pretty well balanced guy. But then again he does seem to agree with me on most things so that's probably why I like him. When I first arrived on this group it seemed that Steven would never get angry. Then, along came Neil." - David Shipley

"Steve - He's the calm one - usually. He usually doesn't dis anyone, and seems pretty open to what others have to say. He has his own system of beliefs, though I'm still not exactly sure what it is. He's basically pretty nice, posts a lot, and welcomes everyone to the group. And he maintains the FAQ and this webpage - so you _hafta_ be nice to him ;)" - wersh