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Sam R. (SJR/Cow Jam)

Sam.  Of course.

This is a brief biography of Sam R., aka -=SjR=-. I'm 19 (born 13/10/79), proudly English, and I'm male (you'd be amazed at how many people assume 'Sam' is a girl). I have dark hair, scary eyes and a scary personality when I'm drunk (apparently, I don't remember). I'm an evangelical Christian (that means Bible believing, not happy-clappy), and I work for a Christian evangelistic charity called United Beach Missions, although I finish soon to go to University to study computer science.

I'm still naive enough to believe in "happily-ever-afters" despite all the evidence the Real World throws at me that there's no such thing. As for a love life, I'm single right now but I am pre-engaged (long story, basically if me and this girl are both single when we're 30 we'll marry).

When you debate with me you'll probably find my arguments hard to follow - most people do. I get a bit pissy sometimes - so if I offend you I probably meant it. However, some people like talking with me, so give it a go. You never know, I might surprise you.

What the other folks in arc-t think of Sam:

"Sam - Christian. One of the most frequent contributers to the group... not sure if sam is a girl or guy though (shows how much I know right?) But generally well balanced." - Allen

"Sam (SJR) is best known for his tendency to defecate in his hand and smear it all over the bandwidth of alt.religion.christian-teen. He lies about people, he lies about lying, he lies about other people lying, and he lies about having a spinal cord. He has a habit of twisting your words and pretending it's proving a point. A most memorable Sam moment involved him taking the phrase "*bonk Sam*" and treating it as physical violence. Anyone who does not have a problem with killfiling should probably add this arsebrownie to the list, to avoid the inconvenience of constantly bathing their computer. If you're ever in a bad mood, scream random insults towards Sam, because every one of them will be true (not like he won't inspire a few personalized ones). The only downside to thus may be that he/she/it will likely take the time to pull his head out from between his mother's legs just long enough to miscontrue each and every word." - Timothy Meyers

"Sam (SJR) - Sam's presents an interesting combination of sarcasm, honesty, humour, God's word, and miscellaneous odd stuff. He's a good guy (ignore what tim has to say about him ;) The only time he actually gets 'mean' is around trolls and spam. After all, his alter-ego is Anti-SPAM Sam..." - wersh