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Renita (Mouseroni)

Renita in Chicago with her friend Bri

I am 22 and a recent graduate of DePauw University. I'm a journalist, currently working as a copy editor in Henderson, Ky.

I'm Mennonite by birth and tradition, which is not to be confused with Amish. I wear normal clothing. I cut my hair. I pierce my cartilage. I drive a car. I love my computer. I very much appreciate the Mennonite traditions of pacifism, social justice, and being just a little rebellious, not to mention good cooking and four-part harmony. I am decidedly on the left of the Mennonites, although in a general social context I'm probably a moderate liberal.

I like to drink now and then. :) I love to read, listen to a very eclectic bunch of semi-popular music, and am addicted to good coffee. I'm always up for a good argument. I have a name nobody can seem to remember and/or spell properly. I spent 3.5 months in New York City and miss it like hell.

other pet issues: equal rights (for women, glbt, and minorities), fragile x syndrome, and good grammar.

I have a moderately badly-maintained website available at http://www.geocities.com/mouseroni if you want to know any more :)

Renita and her roommates Liz and Katie being silly

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