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I am involved in high school drama competions, I do a play once in a while, and I help out with the bible study on the third floor at school. I do NOT believe in fire and brimstone style preaching, even though I do believe there is a hell, because I feel like such aweful tactics are really scary and lead people away from Christ. A lot of my friends at school have been or are freaks, and pagans. I tend to mix better with outcasts, and I find them to be better company than the "in" crowd.   I also have very strong opinions about harrassing homosexual people.   In fact, I'm likely to flame anyone who does here, and tongue lash them to death in real life. I am straight. I am virgin. I did not start drinking until this summer, when I found out I do enjoy alcohol. I have yet to get drunk, and do not _intend_ to ever do such a thing. (if I do, I will be certain to tell arc-t ;)

I am not a prick about my christianity and I tend to go off on people who are. I do not believe that there is _no_ chance for salvation after death, though I do think it is slim. I believe Christ descended to the dead.   And because of that, I believe that the righteous dead might find themselves in the kingdom.

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