Who's Who/Bios

An*ti*So*cial, adj. 1. someone unwilling to associate with other people esp. those deemed idiots, deluded, or just plain fucking stupid. This usually entails most theists and fundamentalists, with exceptions made on idividual basises. Generally have a preference to loud, offensive music such as Rob Zombie, AFI, NOFX, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Dead Kennedys, and others. Christians are advised to proceed with EXTREME caution around such individuals and take cover imediatly if a battle ensures.

What the other folks in arc-t think of Antisocial:

"An atheist who hangs around to occasionally flame the really stupid ones. Not a bad guy at all, but seems to have lost a little attention being quite a bit less extreme than myself. When pushed, he can get pretty nasty-but never holds candle to the sardonic flame-bombs that are the posts of Timothy C. Meyers. Of course, he's probably not the only one who doesn't see that as a bad thing. (*grin*)" - Timothy Meyers

"AntiSocial has had bad experience with Christianity, and can therefore get hostile at times. He likes to joke about religion, which some find funny and some find blasphemous. He is reasonable, and his beliefs are workable." - Chris Nelson

"Auntie, despite his reputation, has been polite to me in discussions. This surprised me to start with, as he's branded with the same iron as Tim, but doesn't hate my guts! Just don't prove that you're worth of his scorn (c:" - Sam

"Not as nasty as Tim, but a damn good flamer all the same. Atheist, been here a good while." - David Shipley

"While Auntie is best known for his skills in flaming the Christians all over the damn place, he is also quite intelligent and makes some damn good points when he wants to. Basically though, its just a whole lot of fun to watch him torment his victims :)" - wersh