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Amy (Tala/Llama)

I'm Amy :)

Born and raised in Canada, I still live here. I was raised Protestant, but my family's really not a chruch type, so I never was really "into" any religion. Went to church occasionally with friends, but that's about it. I've never really been able to "throw" myself fully into any religion, wicca, christian or otherwise. Currently, I'm pretty much just Pagan, drawing whatever I believe from numerous other religions into one that's customized just for me :)

I've graduated highschool, and am taking a year off to, ahem *sounds like her mother* "Firgure out what I want to do" *stops sounding like her mother* I have recently decided that I wanna go to College of the North Atlantic, over in Newfoundland. I wanna take Pastry Arts/Baking :)

I pop in and out of arc-t mostly, staying for a week or two, then disappearing. It's hard, ya know, having a life an all.

My mother raised me to be a tolerant girl, and I think I am. I don't think I've ever, even when being insulted as because I was Wiccan by Christians, I don't think I've ever meaningly bashed any religion. I may not understand things that other's believe, but I'm more apt to ask questions til you tell me to piss off instead of dissing what you believe.

In my spare time, I like to watch tv, read, crochet, write, hang with friends, bake and listen to music. Favourite bands come from every genre of music, from pop to alternative. Given, I'll make fun of a lot of singers (hanson, britney spears), but I'll listen to 'em all. Favourite tv shows include ER, Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise, and CSI. Oh, and I absolutly love Harry Potter books, movies, and anything related to them :)


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