The original control message

This is the original control message that started our humble little group oh so long ago. :)

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From Caleb@Promised.Land Mon Apr 22 01:19:15 1996
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From: Caleb@Promised.Land (Caleb)
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Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 06:16:53 GMT
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For your newsgroups file:
alt.religion.christian-teen Discussion area for Christian teens &

This newsgroup was originally proposed in alt.config about 6 weeks ago as
alt.religion.christian.teen. I received a number of suggestions to change the
name to what it is presently in order to avoid creating another hierarchy.

I received a lot of interest and there is definitely a need for a newsgroup like
this. Between just my homepage and some others that I have contacted we
alone will be able maintain between 50 and 100 messages a day.

Your consideration of this request is GREATLY appreciated!

Paul Brandon
Youth Pastor, Maple Grove Assembly of God
------original control message end------