The Jackel FAQ

This particular FAQ was posted on November 27th, 1998 by Lindsay Jackel for reasons not entirely understood. Appearantly Lindsay, only having been in the group for 2 days, took issue with the FAQ that had already been written by Steven Schrader. Lindsay, not seeming to understand the point of a FAQ in the first place, questioned Steve's "authority" to do such a thing, asked what was stopping him from doing the same, and then proceeded to create what has become known as the "Jackel FAQ". This FAQ was only the first of many revisions.

alt.religion.christian-teen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[This FAQ is a work in progress]

This FAQ is posted periodically as a means of addressubg some of the questions likely to be asked in alt.religion.christian-teen (arc-t). It is maintained by the arc-t Moderation Synod and any comments or suggestions should be sent to tritos@rocketmail.com

1. Introduction to arc-t

alt.religion.christian-teen is a Christian forum newsgroup for the discussion of the Christian life and of God and His Living Word, from a Christian and Biblical perspective.

2. Who is a Christian

A Christian is a person who loves and trusts the Lord Jesus Christ and is now indwelt by the Holy Spirit. He has confessed (agreed with God) and repented (turned away from) his sins and seeks to live faithfully and obediently before and with God.

A Christian believes the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God and does not challenge either its or God's authority, and does not promote other religions (recognising John14:6). A Christian does not seek to rebel against God, nor disobey Him, nor seek to worship self or creation (Romans 1).

A Christian acknowleges God as Creator and eschews evolution.

A Christain is neither feminist nor homosexual.

3. Posting protocol

Please be polite and respectful when posting.

Given that this is a Christian forum please respect God and the beliefs of Christians. Please do not seek to blaspheme God or persecute and vilify Christians.

4. Current issues

At present, arc-t has been commandeered by atheists who are seeking to drown out the voices of Christians via the use of hate speech, denigrating and vilifying God and His Word and Christians and their beliefs and right to have, hold and express those beliefs. This is evidenced by the flood of angry and hateful posts in this ng from the atheists and pagans.

arc-t Moderation Synod