Blade and the 2LOTD

Blade in response to the common Creationist argument that evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics:

What you are proposing is that the organisation of life somehow is violating the 2nd law of thermodynamics. This is not the case, life is made possible and probably by this law. You are referring to entropy only. The second law states that:

DeltaG=DeltaH - T x DeltaS

Here, Delta S is the change in entropy (order) where a negative value indicates an increase in order (such as molecules coming together to form complex ones as we see in life. However, all that this need to be possible and in fact spontaneous is that DeltaG is negative. This can be accomplished by changes in DeltaH (energy change of chemicals as they react) or in temperature (or the energy being put into the system, such as from the SUN!). There is a more complex equation showing how chemicals displaced from equilibrium (such as in our bodies) make reactions even more likely and with enzymes speeding the whole thing up now, the whole system is self sustaining as long as there is an input of energy (kindly look up on a sunny day to see such a source). Now is you are finally done being shown as the ignorant person your are (yes this is arrogant, but with good cause), kindly accept that life needs no intervention and that no intervention is apparent and go about your life more enlightened that before.

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