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The Poetry of Charos

I'll post a couple...hope you don't mind that they're not Christian oriented...I VERY rarely name my poetry, so neither will have names...the first is a recent one I wrote and the second is one I wrote for an old's actually published in a poetry book called "A Season of Flowers" if you have it, look me up... :) it would be under the name "Andrew Hussey"

He waves his hand,
and the fires start.
A cool gust of innuendo
in the scattered fields of the sphinx.
Don't you feel it,
in the autumn light?
The tigers sage
has lost the fight.
He takes a drag from his smoke
and laughs at the bearded mans clap.
White willed pussy grip
strangles us again.

(Sorry about the pussy reference...but's one complains about the David being nude) :)

Luminescent eyes peer eerily from above,
oh, if this world-wearied flesh could speak
what tales you would hear.
From the blissful ecstasy of a midsummer day,
under trees, in groves, with their sorrowful sway,
to the pain of a heartbreak
and your heart turned to clay.
Please my love, see the pain in my eyes
as you feel my kiss and I cry my good-byes.
Feel my touch as it brushes your skin,
and my soft sighs of rapture
as you enfold me within.

(once again...I know about the sexual reference...but it fits the mood so well) :)