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"What an Awesome God"

"What an Awesome God" - Saul Sabia responds to Karen Hi (Karen Hi) wrote:

Jesus Christ is alive. He hears us when we pray. He knows all that we do. He is the truth,and many now know that to be true. and I won't deny the truth. you can say i look foolish. that's one thing.Maybe I look weird or have said things that I could have worded better. But I won't be called foolish for believing in the only true God,Jesus Christ. It's foolish not to.

Umm. So lemme get this straight.

You believe in an invisible guy that is all-powerful, so powerful as to be omnicient, that really doesn't have a form as we understand it, who in 7 days created life, the universe, and everything. He put us in an obscure portion of the galaxy, almost at random, it seems. He is all-powerful, yet created us in his own image. Thing is, our image is that of a weak, hairless ape, that wouldn't have survived for five minutes if we didn't have opposable thumbs.

Furthermore, this omnicient guy, over a period of hundreds of years, personally guided a couple smelly prophets through the desert, thousands of people in tow. These smelly, illiterate, uneducated simpletons were his 'chosen people.' Why, one isn't sure, except possibly having something to do with genetics, and not about whether they'd actually follow him, because they often didn't follow him, as was shown many times in the Bible.

Furthermore, this god fellow put forth steps to get a whole bunch of prophets to write manuscripts about history and teachings that would be the entire basis of their faith. These manuscripts were handed down, copied, re-copied, translated, re-translated, and so on and so on for a while, before they were archived in the current canon we call 'the Bible.'

Even though there might be lots of errors in it.

And even though not even the human race can now scour the universe for signs of God, can examine atoms, can see further than ever before, we still haven't found evidence of this god fellow. What's more than that, this God fellow who we have no evidence for apparently seems very concerned that we don't look at pictures of naked women, or eat shellfish, among other things.

Now, if you followed all the rules that this god chap set forth in the Bible, I might understand, yet you don't. You wear fine apparel, eat shellfish, and look at indecent pictures of people (Kalvin Klein ads).

Foolish? I'd say incredibly stupid. Not only do you believe in something that seems almost impossible, in which we have no evidence for (except for dubiuos anecdotal and circumstantial evidence), but you don't even follow all of the rules he's set down for you.

You're foolish for believing in god, and a hypocrite moreover for not following his rules that he's set down for you.

Oh, yeah. What an awesome god.

Saul Sabia