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The Cafe

As seen by Christopher Nelson

The Cafe is a place intended for discussion of Christianity and various other topics. It is on the third-and-a-half floor of the Usenet building. It can be accessed via teleport or though the alt lobby, up to the .religion floor, though the .christian floor, and halfway up to the next floor. The door should be on your right.

Once inside the Cafe you will notice that the exit, on the south wall, isn't physical. It becomes physical to you when you wish to leave. No one in the Cafe can just through you out. There is a bar on the far north wall. It doesn't serve drinks, however you can order a non-destructive implement like a rubber chicken or a foam mallet. These are not intended for ordinary use, but may be used sparingly. On anadjacent wall, you will notice a row of windows. They are unbreakable, but they give a nice view. On the wall opposite that is the billboard. (available ). Scattered throughout the room are tables. Each table is dedicated solely to one topic of conversation. Taking a conversation from one table and moving it to an empty one is frowned upon. Don't worry about being at more than one table at a time, you automatically gain the art of multi-location upon entering the Cafe.

The inhabitants of the Cafe are constantly joking, discussing, and arguing. How you are responded to depends on how you present yourself. The residents include atheists, agnostics, Christians, Buddhists, and others. Their religious beliefs don't force them into single roles, though. Some may be on both sides of an argument or discussion.

Before diving in, sit back and test the waters. Don't shout at people. Try and include everyone. Remember, not everyone drives the same car. Some can't use every type of gas. Read the billboard. Good luck and happy hunting!