Why do you post to arc-t?

i post here because i can. there's really no other reason i started posting here. i keep coming back because i've made a few friends. - Amy (Llama)

First is habit and a need to hold on to my title as oldest reg. Second is my mission to spare people from the pain that comes from christianity. - Antisocial

Because I want to, that is all the information you need to know :) - Blade

I post to arc-t because it seems to be the only place on Usenet where people who I can consider "friends" can come together and engage in effective, proper debate. Not to mention that it's damn fun to be here, what with all the horseplay and joking going on. I post here because I love it! I'm addicted... :) - Charos

Well, this place was discovered by a friend of mine (christian then and now) who suggested I take a look. I did and have been here ever since.

I still post....because I can, its fun, I like the people here, some of the discussions are interesting, some hysterical, I get to spout my opinion, I get to here the opinion of others..I guess because I quite like it here. - Dobbin

It's Jane Hall. I had to get my computer fixed, so I can start posting again. It's great to see so many still posting. I post to arc-t because I've grown fond of all of you! - Jane Hall

I guess I post (and mostly read, nowadays) because it's interesting to me to listen to how others view their lives and their relationships not only to the world (each other) but to God (or a belief system). I find it endlessly amazing that we can accomplish anything cooperatively, with such diverse opinions. And in ARC-T, you'll find everything from the devout Christian to the lunatic... but all willing to discuss their views, usually without rancor. - Curt D. Ickes

I post because I'm a loser and would have nothing better to do. :)

I like having something to do that takes some actual thought, and feel somewhat attached to the group- I can't just quit posting, we're having a discussion!

That and I think wersh is cute. ;) - Michelle (Rewnfloot)

It helps keep me sharp. Being out of college now (Gasp! A really old person posting on arc-t!), I don't get a lot of the intellectual stimulation I used to. It's been really eye-opening to see what people think & believe - some of it is very foreign to my everyday thinking. AND...I suppose I try to reply when I can to add a Christian perspective as much as I'm able. I admit I do avoid most of the heated arguments, though. - Tricia Muscato

Power trip!
Hmm... dunno, partly cause I always have (well, at least for a _good long time_) and is like a habit now. Partly because of all my copious free time (how, again, do I manage to get bored among school, play practice, running with friends, cleaning up graveyards (damn, it _still_ looks like I've been shooting up!), and my endless quest for knowledge?). Partly cause it's fun, I don't see you guys IRL (1) about every day, and you guys don't care if I make a huge major fool out of miself (in school it's on purpose. Here, I can do it naturally). In short, just to make life interesting by filling in those 30-minutes holes in my schedule when I might, you know, sleep.

(1) In Real Life (TM) - Chris Nelson

Well the reason I stay here is different from the reason I came here originally. I will just say the former. I principally stay here coz' I like to chat or discuss things and I love the atmosphere and the people so why not stay? - Okamura

Well, I don't really post too much anymore so I don't know how well the question applies to me.. I'm here because I like discussion and find the opinions others have interesting and thought-provoking. I used to post a lot because I had a lot to say but lately I don't find too much I care to comment about. Overload maybe? At school, thanks the Jefferson Forum (which I'll have to tell you guys all about one of these days) provides me discussion enough that when I get to arc-t I'm just kind of tired of it.

Plus, I don't have access to a news server that let's me post so I have to post via the web and I'm just too lazy heh. - mich pharm

This is my community, you are my friends.

Since I came here in 1998 my life has changed incredibly. In real life, there are only two or three people I'm still in touch with from that time of my life, and where I am now I could never have imagined when I was 19 - but arc-t has been here throughout, and while the people inevitably come and go the group is always here, ready to comment, ready to show an interest which Real Life so often misses.

I post here because I do not want to leave. - Sam Rusling

A good question that has been asked by many newbies in their first post here.... "Why do you guys come here if youre not christian?" Well, besides the good plain ol' fun of ARC-T, theres also the fun of discussing... Lets face it... Discussing something with someone wont make them change their mind about it, not right away anyway, but discussing -put favorite issue here- is fun, thats the reason I do it anyway. Just felt like sharing... - Victor Szulc

Okay, it goes back to the war... No really... Well, one day in the deep, dark early spring of 1998, I was looking for some controversy, and found it in the still developing confines of arc-t. I don't know why (perhaps it was the hallucinogens), but I stuck around, posting periodically (sometimes up to 5 times a day!). Today, I am here for one reason: I'm addicted. I tried to stay away when I left in May, but the ng called to me in my dreams... So I came back again much to the delight of no one in particular :) That made me feel so worthless... so I upped my top posting to an incredible 7 times per day!! Of course by then, Steve and wersh had bypassed me by a collective 20,000 posts, so my posts just seemed to melt away in the chaos of their wisdom :) So that is where I am today, pretty much. My attempt to lower wersh's posting numbers by pretending I'm his boyfriend has been a complete failure. I find I actually care for the lovable bastard... *sigh* :)

Well, that's my story. Read it to your children! May they learn never to become as pathetic as me! - Jon Seymour

I love Mommy, Daddy, Doggy, SuperSteelDick, Pajama, meanie shrew, odd Nick, Sam-the-drunk, Teddy Bear, "Kelly" or whoever she is, Jnathan, the llama, Lessy, etc., and all those cool people go to arc-t. *tries to think of a cool sounding reason for posting to arc-t* erm...Mandolin, Destini and Andi make me post here! that's it. *is weird* *shuts up* - Suzi

I came to arc-t because it gave me the intellectual stimulation and debate that I was looking for in a newsgroup. I stayed there because of the community. arc-t is one of the few groups on Usenet where there exists a very strong sense of community, and where people are akin to a family or a tight-knit circle of friends rather than simply a loose association of individuals who share a common trait or interest. It's also a very diverse group: there are people on arc-t from many different walks of life, yet on the group we can generally come together as friends regardless of how different we may be. I think it's largely for this reason that, while the subjects we have discussions and debates over are ones which can be very emotionally charged and where people are extremely passionate about their beliefs, we still mostly manage to be respectful of each other's viewpoints and attempt to really understand where people are coming from. That's something I've never really seen in a newsgroup before, and posting to arc-t is a much more pleasant experience for it. - The Steel Wolf

Well I've only been posting for a few weeks. The only reason I started was to find an interesting group to disscuss issues. But here I see more. It is a community of diverse people-- culturally and socially (which is rare almost anywhere). I just wanted to read and occasionally post opinions. I love to see people's interactions with each other. - Matt Turney

Okay well, the answer is simply that I really don't know why I post. In the beginning I posted to try and promote Christianity and Creation among the group and to make an impression. Well, I certainly made an impression, the trouble was that most of the people have already made up their minds and it would take more than mere arguments to change them. I guess I post now for the same reason that Greyfriars Bobby guarded his owner's grave: (it's a scottish folk tale) loyalty, family, familiarity. Maybe the group isn't a good influence on me, maybe sometimes I need to learn to spend less time here but hey, even though this group may be a funky mix of crazy folks, at least, under all the bluster and flames we are basically all one big happy (if warped) family. So that's why I post. - Jon Downie