Top Ten List over posts ARC-Ters are VERY tired of...

Subject: Top ten list over posts ARC-Ters are VERY tired of...
Posted by Victor Szulc ( on October 25, 1999

10. "For COOL christian bands go to:...."

9. "Hi, my name is Chrissie and im 14 years old... I really love Jesus and want to share it with all you people!"

8. "Hi guys, i just wanted to invite you all to my youth-groups web-page at: www....."

7. "Please help me! Im 15 years old, and I had a wet dream last night... Im so worried about going to hell because i really love Jesus, and cant stand the though of sinning. Please pray for me!!!"

6. "Fuck christians. You are STUPID, fuck you all... Im a SATANIST, yeah!" (return-addie usually ends with

5. "I just dont get you atheist guys... Why do you post in a christian group? To ruin it for the rest of us? Go to some satanist group instead!" (This post is usually Nr. 9 second posting)

4. "Jews! Satans little helpers. Part 47" (Does not apply if post is smaller than 20kb)

3. "Hi! My name is Kevin and i have been going steady with this girl for 5 months... My girlfriend is really pressuring me into french-kiss her, and I just dont know if its right. Where should I draw the line?"

2. "AIDS is Gods revenge on faggots!!!"

And Nr. 1:

*Drumroll please*

1. "Evolution impossible!" Followed by lengthy explenation on the 2nd law of thermo-dynamics, immedietly rebuked by Auntie and Blade.