Alternate Names for arc-t

Downie and Sam coming up with a good idea together. I don't understand it either.

The banter that started it all (edited because you shoulda seen the mess I got it in):

Jon Downie: Yeah well, we all know how misleading the title can be. I think would be a better title.
Sam: Nay, arc-tiwcbbdi is a little hard to remember!
Jon Downie: Well what about
Sam: acyrcwsoutatan. Hmm, nice ring to it (c:
Jon Downie: I will work on it. alt.well-erm.soon.only-meeting.ere.Goes-open.deeply . Hay, can you do better?
Sam: I have another day at work rapidly approaching, of course I can do better!
Jon Downie: Take the first letter of each word. awesomeGod... I will work on it though.

And thus it began... Let me know if you have one you'd like to add! :)

Sam's Alternate Names's.tyranical.evil.desires - (alt)sick(and)twisted - aa-a-argh
alt.teens?.ha.right!.everyone.eradicate.sadistically.ornate.mass.eviscerations - aThreeSome
alt.really.everyone.always.loves.insane.teen.youths - (alt)Reality - amazing
alt.God.and.pertinent.entities - agape
alt.beware.of.vile.evils.and.numpties.doing.bongs,evil.youths.or.naughty.denizens - aboveAndBeyond
alt.deism.overlooks.wobbly.nickers.inducing.everyone's.individual.shorts.and.nonchalantly.-   idealises.domestic.ideas.of.terrorism - DownieIsAnIdiot
alt.where.ordinary.reasonable.sensible.honest.individual.people.systematically.amass.malisciousness - WorshipSam

Jon Downie's Alternate Names - alt sick
alt.underwear.not.tolerated.inside.elephants - auntie
alt.not.only.sam.has.ideas.that.emmasculate - ANoShite! - alt Gigabyte
alt.Steve.likes.interesting.coldblooded.killers - alt Slick - alt sister
alt.Interesting.augustine.monks.never.order.toast.but.only.take.holy.-   episcopalians.round.effluent.dumpsters - IAmNotBothered

Suzi's Alterante Names - NoSamIsADrunk

wersh's Alternate Names - samislazy