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God's Agenda

An amusing idea of what God's agenda may be by scaterie, who is actually a bit of a troll but Charos suggested I add this so if you don't like it, blame him. :)

It's not hard to imagine god's agenda from a christian standpoint. Here's what he's got on for tomorrow:

X 8:00 UST (Universal Standard Time) check on east quadrant spiral nebula in amdromeda - apparent flutter
X 8:03 Create two new galaxies for the space-faring Xerkyes Dynasty on Epsilon IV
8:10 X Destroy dissident upstart parallel universe in fifth dimension R- 6
8:36 X Punish Mary Jones of Dumbville, Ohio for missing church Sunday and lying to her minister about why she did't attend
8:37 Create new periodic chart spaces as old one all filled up - scientists need new challenges
9:00 Coffee break (Thank Jesus for Juan Valdez!)
9:15 Strike Billly Bob Brown dead for masturbating behind the schoolhouse
9:16 Do quick analysis / review on why I didn't allow things to go faster than light. Decide (9:16.03.02) that it was stupid decision. Recind.
9:20 Notify all intelligent species that DDD (Drop Dead Date) for next FUC (Full Universe Conversion) has been moved up to 86 trillion years from now cause I feel like it (yawn).
9:21 Cause bright light to flash in sky over Portugal that 1 million will say was a flaming chariot. Ooops. Hold on that order. Send note to Pope about this and suggest he issue order for 10 million charior amulets, t-shirts and key fobs.
9:30 Well that's it fer today. Time for some global hockey......