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Hiho! I'm Okamura! I am New Zealand's most vocal representative in ARC-T (virtue of being the only Kiwi here). I am glad to meet your acquaintance. Lately I have not been a regular in arc-t, but I will be prone to coming back~

First things first, although Okamura is a Japanese name however I am in actual fact, as evidenced by the photos, a caucasian white guy. The name is from a Japanese comedian Okamura Takashi who apparently looks like me. To most western eyes though I look like the guy off Ally MacBeal, John "The Biscuit" Cage (Peter Macnicol).

I came into ARC-T at the start of 1999 just wanting to talk about some deep philosophical stuff and learn something about the Christian tradition (which I was quite interested in at the time). I have come to make quite a few friends here and of late have steered away from arguing things and just having fun. Besides I am pretty incoherent at the best of times which means no-one follows what I am going on about at times. But I don't mind. I have improved of late though (I think). As to my original intention, that went out the window when I sorta continued to find a very different philosophy and honestly I am not further than having a superficial understanding of Christianity but I am happy in my ignorance.

If you ask me what sort of religion/philosophy I claim to follow, I would say I am an agnosticky-taoisty person. Which is deliberately quite meaningless. For the taoisty bit, I only found out I had a vaguely taoist outlook when I discovered what Taoism was (that is in the philosophical sense, not the religious sense). I thought my view was original before that.. Imagine my disappointment ; ) After I found out what it was I sort of fell to the Dao. I could elaborate on what it means to be a taoisty-sorta-person but it is incredibly difficult to actually say anything that would really describe it. But if you get me drunk I am sure to ramble and tell you with stories of massive fish and birds and the dreams of butterflies. But I seldom drink so you might have to try other methods. In regards to philosophy, my life has moved away from thinking about it too much and just flowed along living it. But I am always open for friendly banter about things~

I ceased being a teen in late 1999 (born 1/10/79) but I have chosen to stay a bit longer with all the other geriatric twenty-something non-christians that only Teen Christian newsgroups seem to attract.

Okamura - no, really.

What do I do besides ARC-T? Well I am University student in New Zealand too studying business and Chinese (Mandarin). I really, really, really like learning languages. I can in fact speak four languages, that is, English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese. I am gonna be working on Korean too in the near future~

I like walking and running and tramping and other things like that. I am part of a big students organisation called AIESEC, which is currently providing me with enough positive distraction to keep me away from arc-t (www.aiesec.org). It is a wonderful (non-religious) organisation, which sets out to change the world, and regardless of its success in this area, life with AIESEC has been a blast~!

I have a website at: www.geocities.com/okamura_dwg which has a little (slightly outdated) info on myself, and also outlines a little what I think about stuff~

So that's about it~ and just to end I will quote a favourite philosopher of mine:

"The reason for the fish trap is the fish. When you have the fish, you can forget the trap. The rabbit is the reason for the snare. When you have the rabbit, you can forget the snare. The meaning of the song in your heart is the reason for the words, but once you've got the meaning, forget the words. Where can I find someone who has forgotten the words - I would like to have a word with them." - Zhuang-zi (300bc approx.)

Seeya when I seeya.

Daniel "Okamura" Goudie (Friday 23/02/2001)
(a year and 3 days since I last updated!!)

What the other folks in arc-t think of Okamura:

 "To think, Oka may be the most succesful evangelist in all of arc-t. ;)" - Steve Schrader, Feb 18, 2000