This is "Inky's Ugly Little arc-t Page" as it appeared on August 10th, 1999, less then a week before Inky decided to stop maintaining it (and quite some time after he had decided to leave the group). A few bits here and there have been cut out or made inactive, including the counter, the advertising, and most of the links. Everything else is exactly the same (even the HTML code if you want to take a look - I added comments to anything I deleted or changed).

Inky's Ugly Little arc-t Page.

arc-t = alt.religion.christian-teen

This page is intended to be entirely biased. I make no claims otherwise. It's my page, so I can do what I want. So there!

arc-t ARC-T arc-t


1. Not everyone in arc-t is a teen. (I am not.)
2. Not everyone in arc-t is a Christian. (I am.)
3. Not everyone in arc-t claiming Christianity is living a Christian life, biblically speaking.


~~ I'm no longer in arc-t.
~~ Inky's Ugly Little arc-t Page will remain up until at least August 4. Keep visiting back to see what I decide to do with it. Let me know if there are any updates that need to be made.
~~ I am *not* closing the door to returning to arc-t in the future, though I will probably never return as a full-blown regular again. But, there's always that semi-reg thing. {:-)

Let me know if there are any changes that need to be made here.


I don't endorse a lot of these pages.
Here are the linx to the pages of people who are often seen in alt.religion.christian-teen (arc-t).

The arc-t Homepage
Managed by Steven Schrader, who, as you'll quickly discover, isn't even a Christian. It has the faq. Read it and avoid looking stupid and being flamed... Okay you might still look stupid and you might still get flamed, but at least you'll be more educated.

Steve's Musicians Homepage
Steve's homepage. Hmmm? Wonder if this guy likes music?

wersh's Under Construction NutRageous Page
wersh's FTP site
The NutRageous page is available 24/7. You can only use the FTP site when wersh is online, so good luck. More info when the update is complete. (wersh, mail me a case of NutRageous and I'll give ya rave reviews.)

Okamura's Page
I guess Okamura finally made a page.

Leslie's New Home Page
Learn a bit about the girl behind the name-- the mysterious and beautiful(?) Leslie.

mich's Oh-But-It's-Not-Up-Right-Now Page
I'll give this one a better title when mich actually gets her page up and working. Everyone loves mich, but not everyone loves her webpage. {;-)

Nick's dreamingtrue Page
Nick's Official ARC-T Page
Nick's one of my fellow Pentecostals in arc-t. (MiSSY's is the other one, sometimes.) Read some of his poetry and his awesome testimony on his homepage. Also, check out the arc-t section, it's pretty good.

Anton the Man's Site
Not much to say about Anton, except that I don't know him very well.

Saul's Faith in Nothing Page
To be entirely honest, Saul and I didn't hit it off well at first. I thought, "Oh great, what a jerk!" But, that was then and this is now. While we're diametrically opposed on beliefs, I think Saul's a pretty cool guy. He's out of arc-t for the summer.

Ahoy, Pirate Scott's Page
The only question: Is he an ordinary pirate or one of "the pirates who don't anything"?

Ryan's Irish-Catholic Web Site
The only page in the Hall of Name where you can see a live view of O'Connell Bridge in Dublin City. What more could one ask for, lads and lasses?

Karen's Page
Karen is kinda in and out of arc-t. Lurking, I suspect.

Jane's laf's Place Page
Jane is the closest thing arc-t has to adult supervision, but I even wonder about her at times. {;-) Jane has left arc-t.

Sam's Page
Young Life Homepage
United Beach Mission
Sam's the most patriotic American you'll ever meet. Actually, he's British. Yes, it's the international arc-t newsgroup! Sam's gone now.

Rushing Wind (My Page)
I was known as Inky in arc-t.
This page has to do with a book that I'm writing.

Okay, arc-t people, did I miss anyone? Let me know!

Interesting Quotes from arc-t

These will be updated weekly, maybe.

-- Karen (04/27/99): wersh,have I told you lately that your my hero? Well,you aren't...
-- MR zoomzum (one of Neil's personalities) (05/06/99): [Subject line and message] I am new here... now shave my legs...
-- Steve (05/13/99): Ah!!! Not Pascal's _AGAIN_!!!!!!! Respect meter for Inky has just plummeted.
-- Holyfire (05/21/99): If you want to get out of a capital crime on an insanity charge, you should be locked up for life, never to be released.
-- Nick (05/26/99): I admit it, I was wrong in so many ways. I feel like I I have betrayed myself and this newsgroup, I can't stay here with this shame any longer, I must leave you all.
-- AntiSocial: Can I be as big as you when I get little?
-- Saul (06/10/99): Keep the candles unlit for me, okay?
-- Blade (06/20/99): Don't worry, you've still got us atheists and non believers to keep you company.



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